Courtyard Concerts

‘Courtyard Concerts’ . Free concert series Uptown, three times/week during July and August.

Tuesdays & Thursdays in CenterBeam Courtyard @noon
Saturdays in King’s Square @noon

Uptown Saint John is proud to present FREE musical entertainment uptown during July and August.  Our original “Summer in the Square” series has evolved and will now include concerts taking place in the CenterBeam Courtyard on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as Saturday shows in King’s Square.  We are piloting this template in efforts to infuse cultural entertainment in more areas of our business community, as well as appreciate our wonderful local performers.  We hope that the working public, patrons, residents and visitors will grab their lunch and enjoy some local tunes in comfortable settings during their workday, as well as on Saturdays.

Performances will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon-1pm in the CenterBeam Courtyard, off of Grannan Lane and Saturdays from noon-2pm in King’s Square!  This will continue throughout July and August.  In the event of rain, all performances can be enjoyed at the Saint John City Market, whenever possible.  We kick off the series on Saturday, July 2nd in King’s Square with East Coast Music Award winner, Mike Biggar, between noon-2pm.

We thank our valued sponsors, the City of Saint John, The City Market, 97.3 The Wave, and Commercial Properties Limited.

July 2 Saturday Noon-2 King’s Square Mike Biggar
July 5 Tuesday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Hilary Ladd
Juy 7 Thursday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Marissa Sollows
July 9 Saturday Noon-2 King’s Square Bonnett House
July 12 Tuesday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Mary Beth Marks
July 14 Thursday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Frank James
July 16 Saturday Noon-2 King’s Square Maxine Le Royer (Busker)
July 19 Tuesday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Jess Darrah
July 21 Thursday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Sean Flynn
July 23 Saturday Noon-2 King’s Square Sorcha’s Gunn
July 26 Tuesday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Marvin Rathburn
July 28 Thursday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Adam Washburn
July 30 Saturday Noon-2 King’s Square Jerry-Faye
August 2 Tuesday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Molly Kilpatrick
August 4 Thursday Noon-1 King’s Square InterAction Students Show
August 6 Saturday Noon-2 King’s Square David Mudge & Verdell Finnamore
August 9 Tuesday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Luc & Maddy Poirier
August 11 Thursday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Apryll Aileen
August 13 Saturday Noon-2 King’s Square Nick Gay
August 16 Tuesday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Matthew Martin
August 18 Thursday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Jaclyn Reinhart
August 20 Saturday Noon-2 King’s Square Jinx the Cat
August 23 Tuesday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Stephen Lewis
August 25 Thursday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard Keith Facey
August 27 Saturday Noon-2 King’s Square PAPA ROXXY
August 30 Tuesday Noon-1 CenterBeam Courtyard PENALTYBOX


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