Uptown Mugs #46 . Tracey Fisher and Ruth Ellen Smith

This is a ?besties? mug, shining the spotlight this time on two unique and inspiring uptown gals.? They are familiar faces to the locals, always out and about enjoying urban living to the fullest.? Tracey is a stylist at Design Freedom and Ruth Ellen is employed with Senior Housing. ?They both stand out as awesome uptown Instagrammers with unique perspectives and richly captured moments which they generously share with the world.? They love to show off our incredible city and they both certainly add a special, beautiful, charismatic energy to the personality of our uptown, every day.?


Let?s chat with Tracey and Ruth Ellen…

Where were you born/Where are you from?

Tracey: ?'I'm from Saint John. ?I grew up on the East Side and went to Simonds High School.'

Ruth Ellen: ?'I was born in England and spent my growing up years in downtown Fredericton.'

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

Tracey: ?'28 years. ?I graduated from ?Rodricks Hairdressing School on Charlotte Street in the '80's. ?I've worked at a number of salons uptown and I've been styling hair with Vicky at Design Freedom on Germain Street now for 6 years.' ?

Ruth Ellen: ?'I've lived uptown for 8 years now. ?My dad, Colin, is an artist with a studio on Germain Street. ?I work at senior watch (a home care company)?and love working in the city. ?I worked on the east side for awhile in the past, but really missed working uptown.'?

Both Tracey and Ruth Ellen live on Princess Street, they met one night during a Gallery Hop over a glass of wine on Princess Street. ?They struck up a conversation and have been good friends ever since. ?Both are raising kids uptown. ?Tracey's daughter, Olivia is in grade 11 at Saint John High School. ?'She moved from a rural school to a city school and transitioned very well. ?She has so many friends and loves living uptown…my house is always full.' ?Tracey speaks with pride about Olivia and a I can only assume Olivia has the same engaging, likeable personality as her mom.

Ruth Ellen's son, Benjamin, is in Kindergarten at St. John the Baptist. ?'He has a very busy social life,' Ruth Ellen notes of her son. ?'He goes to the Boys and Girls Club, swims at the Aquatic Centre, we walk to school and everywhere…it's great!'?

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?

Ruth Ellen: ?'My dad. ?Dad introduced me to so many people uptown. ?He is very involved and has a busy lifestyle hanging with his grandson, painting, going to the City Market and Gym. ?I look up to and admire my dad a lot, and he's been very important in my life.'?

Tracey; ?'I would have to say Bonnie, my friend and fellow hairstylist. ?She is a strong, cool, single woman…both fun and responsible. ?She has helped me through some challenging phases in my life. ?We live in a community with many strong female, independent and inspirational women, we're really there for each other.'?

Coffee, tea, or other?

Tracey: ?'Red Wine!'

Ruth Ellen: ?'Red Wine!'

(said in unison with playful, 'inside story' twinkles in their eyes..) ?


Any pets?

Not surprisingly, both Tracey and Ruth Ellen have calico cats; Whiny and Millie


Most guilty pleasure?

'Late nights at Churchills.' ?Both nod. ?'Chicken Pita Nachos and local beer, says Ruth Ellen. Tracy notes that 'every night of the week is a potential late night at Churchills?such a cool gathering place. ?We are smart single moms and it's cheap and cheerful!'

Favorite Musician?

Tracey: ?'Katy Perry, Roar. ?That's my start-over song.' ? ?

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

Ruth Ellen: ?'If you like to get your nails done, you must go to 'Nails by Abby' on Union Street. Sisters, Abby and Rachel are the absolute best nail technicians and have the best prices.'

Tracey: ?'My all time favorite place to go is the wharf by Tin Can Beach. ?Not too many people know about this place, I'm a little afraid to reveal the secret, but it is truly magical. ?It is calming and beautiful to see the harbour so up close, with the Cruise Ships in season, the tug boats, Partridge Island and sometimes you even see harbour?porpoises and seals. ?It is a beautiful spot to take photos, read and just unwind…and it is right in our uptown.' ?

You can follow these two uptown girls on Instagram (and we encourage you to, they share beautiful photos, and many of uptown, where they live, work and play).

Tracey: ?@malibuginger

Ruth Ellen: ?@ruthellensmith