Chop Chop Restaurants present to Lunch Connection

Representing Lunch Connection; Becky Doyle, Ben Gilcrist, Mark Slader and Bonnie Hunt

Representing the uptown Chop Chop Restaurants; Holly Singh (Thandi), and Peter Stoddart (Saint John Ale House)

Representing USJI, Nancy Tissington, Executive Director

The uptown restaurants are very happy to present to Lunch Connection a cheque for $6,407. ?This amount represents $1 per every Chop Chop dish sold by all restaurants during our fall restaurant week this past November. ?

For Lunch Connection, each dollar provides one meal for a child through this program. ?They are very appreciative, once again, of this significant and generous donation. ?Find out more about Lunch Connection here.

Thank you to our event sponsors, Uptown Saint John Inc., 97.3 The Wave, Country 94, Picaroons, Mirage Foods.

Thank you to the uptown restaurants and chefs who always present us with delicious and unique Chop Chop offerings.

BIG thank you to everyone who ate out during Chop Chop Fall Restaurant Week. ?Know that your indulgence in the week is helping to bring satisfied and full bellies to some very deserving kids.

Happy holidays!?

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