Uptown Mug #43 . Angela Campbell

The Globe and Mail describes our Imperial Theatre as ?? the most beautifully restored theatre in Canada.? ?We are so proud of this iconic theatre and with it, the energetic individuals who strive to bring us the wonderful shows and performances, from both local and afar. ?Angela Campbell, Assistant Executive Director, is one of those such individuals. ?With an ever exuberant and lively spirit combined with a wide and eclectic knowledge of all things art, Angela is a definite asset to The Imperial Theatre. ?She is one of the talented faces behind the programming and management of this awesome venue we all so enjoy.

Let's get to know Angela:

Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was born at the General Hospital in Saint John and grew up in Quinten Heights on the west side.

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I started working up town in 1998 as the Coordinator of the Labatt 24-Hour Relay.

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration??

There are so many people I could name who are constantly pushing the limits of art and creativity both here in Saint John and all over Canada, but I think I am most inspired when I am fortunate enough to witness small acts of spontaneous kindness. ?It re-generates all of my energy with a positive charge and inspires me to strive harder to get better at everything I do


What is your favourite season, and why??

I would have to say Autumn (or Fall as we Maritimers call it). ?I have never been able to master the art of growing things, so I think I like the harvest season because everything is starting to die and it wasn?t because I killed it! ?Its my favourite time of the year in Saint John, I love the cool, crisp, clear days. ?


What is your ultimate favourite snack food?

Cheese – never met a cheese that I do not love.

Coffee, tea, or other?

COFFEE – ALL of the coffee, ALL of the time.?

Any pets??

Pet?s no, ?but I have an Amstaff Terrier named Sparky who lives with me and if he admitted he was a dog he would be the saddest most pathetic and loving pet anyone could ever have.

Most guilty pleasure?

Whiskey. ?There are stories but will not repeat them here. ? ? ? ? ???????????????????

Worst habit?

Ignoring everything and everyone around me when I am using any electronic devises, thus proving the theory that Zombies?exist. ?


Favorite Musician??

My partner Jim Wilson. ?He?s an amazing guitarist and he plays live in my kitchen just for me. ?(Dave Grohl is a close second though)

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

At this time of the year I love to go to Big Tide for Pumpkin Ale in a rimmed mug.?

You can find Angela and The Imperial Theatre:

Online: ? ? ??imperialtheatre.nb.ca

Phone: ? ? ? 506.674.4141
Facebook: ?Imperial Theatre
Twitter: ? ? ?@ImperialTheatre
nstagram: Imperial Theatre

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