Operation Red Nose, 2015 is looking for Volunteers and Sponsors

Belmont Health & Wealth and Rothesay-Kings Rotary Club are bringing back Operation Red Nose, 2015. This is a large undertaking but one that will benefit people in the region. ?


At this time, they are looking for sponsors and volunteers for the program.? The organizers want to build on the foundation that already exists so they are able to provide a very special service over the holidays and raise lots of money for our charity, P.R.O Kids Saint John.


Uptown Saint John Inc. recognizes the benefit of this initiative and see it as a potential team building experience for your business.? If you are interested in either sponsoring or volunteering, please see the relevant information below..

If you would like to VOLUNTEER, or register a team to volunteer:

If you are interested in SPONSORSHIP:

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