Welcome to uptown – Elwood's Wood Lab . 91 Princess Street

If you like upcycled furniture and decor and appreciate the unique feel of custom, handmade furnishings and fixtures, you will love Elwood's Wood Lab!?Tim and Eric use their craftsmanship and skill to turn various elements of Saint John history into usable and uncommon pieces. ?This unique space at 91 Princess Street is divided into two areas – their working space, 'lab,' as well as a showroom to display their recent pieces. ?The space is also home to two beautiful dogs, who seem very comfy amid the construction and goings on.

Stop in and have a look at the quality products and see the masters at work.

Uptown Inspired. Uptown Created.?

Find Elwood's Wood Lab
On the Street at?91 Princess Street
Phone: ?639.1863
Facebook:?Elwood's Wood Lab

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