Keeping Our Memories Alive

We remember the way they walked, the sound of their voice and we hold onto those intimate objects that link us to them, whether it?s a picture, old love letter or engraved locket.

Even though we no longer can touch their face, we can still feel their presence and enjoy our memories.? Death may rob us of their physical presence but it cannot take away our memories.

Some people say ?move on?, ?let it go? or ?get on with your life? but that?s ridiculous.? We can and should keep the memories alive.? Loss is not something we get over, it?s something we learn to life with.? And that?s okay, because what is grief but an emotion that expresses the love we had for someone.

Never ignore your feelings, your love or your grief.? If you cease to talk about them, never mentioning their name, then they truly die.? To avoid grief in the vain hope that somehow you will return back to normal is flawed because their death has changed you forever.? You will never be the same and so ?normal? has also changed.

If we had asked our loved ones what they were most afride of, they had learned to accept the inevitable and were not scared of dying.? They were more afride of being forgotten.

Keep our loved ones close and honor their memories by telling stories about them and about how they impacted our lives.

Become your loved one?s historian, telling stories with laughter so that others enjoy hearing the stories.? Telling stories is a true gift to everyone, including your loved one because they are not being forgotten.

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