USJI 2015 AGM Highlights

Thank you to all who attended our recent Annual General Meeting. ?We would like to share some photos captured during the evening with a special recognition to our uptown businesses who received certificates marking significant milestone years uptown. ?

Thank you to Councillor Greg Norton who represented the City of Saint John and assisted in presentations.

Please enjoy!

Celebrating 5 years uptown -?Element5 Spa

Celebrating 5 years uptown -?Britt's Pub & Eatery
Celebrating 10 years uptown -?happinez Wine Bar
Celebrating 15 years uptown -?Steamer's Lobster Company

Celebrating 15 years uptown – Dave Shoots Bookseller?(no picture)
Celebrating 20 years uptown -?Rocky's Sports Bar
Celebrating 20 years uptown – John Law Corporation
Celebrating 25 years uptown – Callahan's Pub?(no picture)
Celebrating 30 years uptown – Pete's Pub (no picture)

Celebrating 35 years uptown -?Backstreet Records
Celebrating 45 years uptown -?Laura Secord
Celebrating 90 years uptown -?Keirstead's Flowers
Celebrating 110 years uptown -?Bustin's Fine Furniture
Celebrating 160 years uptown -?Hayward & Warwick

See the entire album?HERE.

See a copy of our Annual General Report: USJI AGM Report 2014/2015.

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