Uptown Mugs #29 . Gordie Tufts

Here's to the man behind Backstreet Records, Gordie Tufts. ?As Backstreet celebrates a whopping 35 years this year, we thought it only fitting to spotlight the eternally hip gent who started it all. ?

Gordie opened Backstreet Records in uptown Saint John in 1980 with a second location in Fredericton 8 years later. ?Always supporting the local music scene they sell various independent maritime artist music and have hosted (and continue to) many free live shows…both inside and outside, in front of the quaint record store. ?If you are looking for 'top 40' stuff, you probably won't find it here. ?Backstreet Records sell Quality new and used music on the historic Quality Block of uptown, taking pride in promoting alternative artists and the rare and wonderful!

Let's hear from Gordie:

Where were you born?

Born and raised in the North End of Saint John, the “courts” where the kids ruled. ?Hundreds of them. ?A wonderful place to grow up.

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

As long as memory serves. ?King Street and MRA's on Saturday mornings with my Dad getting records from their Record Department. ?Oak Hall, Scovil's for Cub and Sea Scout uniforms and supplies. ?Ben Goldstein's Record store on Charlotte Street for more records. ?Bell Book and Candle for posters and books, on Sydney. ?The Pear Tree for jeans and “Joe Cocker”shirts. ?The many small boutiques, too many to mention. ?Green's Restaurant at the top of King, ?Reggie's on Germain, ?Woolworth's soda bar overlooking the square, The Paramount, The Kent for the B-Grade Horror flicks. ?The Groundhog gale in the 1970's and the debris blowing down King from the construction site of what is now Brunswick Sq. ?Being hired to do the buying for Saint John's first Record Chain store, A&A Records in Brunswick Square. ?Living on Queen Sq. South and Sue & I being blessed with the birth of our first son in 1980, the same year I opened Backstreet Records in the Ritchie Building at 52 Princess Street. ?I'll stop here,but the story continues..

Who do you look to for inspiration?

Jesus and any Saintly person, my partner in life's journey, Sue, my seven grown up kids.

What is your favorite season?

Well I love them all, normally Summer and Fall, but this winter has just been the BEST.

Favorite Musician?


What is your Uptown Insider Tip??

Uptown has the best coffee, favourite shoe store, tasty dessert, nice view etc. ?I love getting Growlers filled at Big Tide Brewing, Princess Street, tasty coffee from ALL the great coffee shops. ?When I have a bike I love cycling around these uptown city streets and always a stroll through Harbour Passage. ?Dying to get the time and check out Port City Royal on Grannan St. ?All the fine independent merchants, galleries, restaurants, etc: that make this uptown tick!

Find Backstreet Records:

On the street: ?124 Germain Street
Facebook:?Backstreet Records (Saint John Location)
Twitter: ?BackstreetSJ
Phone: ?506.693.9425

Backstreet Records is always looking to buy personal record, cd, dvd collections from the public. Call or pop in if you have some pieces that would fit this genre.

Remember, we've enjoyed Backstreet Records for 35 years, so far, that's a huge milestone! Stop by to congratulate Gordie and his incredible staff and maybe walk out with a little something new for your listening pleasure.

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