Uptown Saint John Business Association, sharing the love this Friday, with FREE parking!

Uptown Saint John and HotSpot Parking?are sharing the love this Valentine's Day! ?Enjoy Free Parking this Friday, February 13th, just by downloading the Hot Spot Parking app. ?There is no cost to register and you'll be on your way to more convenient uptown parking, always at your fingertips. ??

With Hot Spot Parking you can pay for parking without change… any time and any where! And this Friday, your Hot Spot Parking in Uptown is totally Free, compliments of your Uptown Saint John Business Association. ?It's just our way of sharing the love this Valentine's Day. ?

Take advantage of this free parking by downloading the HotSpot Parking App HERE, and never have to worry about change for the metre again. ?Try it today, and receive FREE parking, compliments of us!

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