3 Reasons to attend ConnexionWorks Kick-Off !!

1.?????? We heard the city?s need for a physical space to collaborate and ConnexionWorks is our response!

Saint John has a robust startup culture, willingness to work together, collaborate on growth initiatives across networks and aspiration to achieve both business and social success. However, many individuals, start-ups and even established companies are working in silos because of lack of a cool and collaborative co-working space. ConnexionWorks is a creative and inspiring solution for a collaborative workspace in Saint John.

2.?????? Whether in Small, Medium or Large capacity, it is the place to be for the thinkers, team players, and difference makers

The extremely flexible and movable interior design allows for easy transition and growth of the members. Filled with creative, tech savvy, energetic and motivated individuals, it will be a venue for nurturing natural interactions, collaborative thinking, fresh perception, and open communication.

3.?????? Learn about the refreshing space from the designers themselves

From the designers who create inspiring spaces that work, ConnexionWorks will be based on green concept, have a unique design, plenty of natural light, open environment, ample workspace, and visually compelling conference and training rooms.

You certainly do not want to be left out from the most happening buzz in town. Register today and join us for the ConnexionWorks Kick-off, the first of many events to foster collaboration, connection, contribution and community involvement

On Tuesday, the 18th November
At Delta – Ball Room A and B, 39 King St, Saint John, Canada
From 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM

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