Uptown Mugs #24 – Lisa Riordon – Bourbon Quarter

Lisa Riordon is a wonderful new addition to the exciting Uptown Saint John culinary scene. As the Executive Chef at Bourbon Quarter – she perfectly combines her years of experience from the Rossmount Inn in St. Andrews with the dynamic southern cuisine on the menu at the Prince William Street restaurant. ?Let's learn a but more about Lisa…

1. Where were you born?

I was born in Fredericton, but grew up in Woodstock,NB?.I was a little earlier arriving only being 3 lbs & 7oz.

2. How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I lived here about 12 years ago for the summer with my sister, but returned on May 1 of this year to work here at the Bourbon Quarter

3. What are your favorite ingredients to work with?

I love cooking with seafood, so many people are afraid to cook with it cause it can be so unforgiving if under or over cooked, it has a very fine line and being on the coast there is so much wonderful choices to chose from through out the seasons.

4. What is your favorite season, and why?

I truly have a hard time to chose my favourite season for each offers such wonderful things, for example in spring it is like renewing your taste buds from the heavy rich dishes of winter months, then in mid-summer to fall everything is so colourful and bountiful that the creative juices just start to flow with no boundaries from light, colourful full flavour dishes. But if I had to chose just one it would be spring, for everything seems like you are experiencing it for the first time after the long cold harsh winter, with bright new flavours awaiting you.

5. What is your ultimate favorite snack food?

I get asked this so much but it is so simple that it makes people laugh?.I love lays reg. potato chips or anything peanut butter, whenever I am driving or watching a movie I always seem to go for the chips or the peanut butter

6. Coffee, tea, or other?

I really do not drink coffee or tea, makes me to jitter?..Which most people do enjoy when I do get a coffee in me, I already go at full speed that when I have a coffee I am in super speed. But I do love my Coke a Cola?.

7. Any pets?

Yes I have three pets,two dogs and a cat and if you asking anyone you would think that I had kids the way I talk about them, they are my joy no matter how crazy of a day or anything they always seem to stop me and make me smile. I would have so many more if my husband would let me.

8. Most guilty pleasure?

My most guilty pleasure?..ummmm??thats a really good question?.if I tell you?.well you know how that saying goes 🙂

9. Worst habit?

Worst habit is drinking coke a cola it is never to far away from me

10. Favorite Musician?

Musician?..ummm I really enjoy all music I can never just pick one but I do love Ruth Moody.

11. What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

My insider tips…for coffee well when I do have one I would have to say the girls here BQ make a killer cappuccino and dessert our pecan tart or the carrot cake at Urban Deli, the view?.ummm Kings Square you get to see all of uptown and for shoes Urban Shoe Myth?omg she has the best?.I want one of all of her shoes you can never just leave with one pair. Uptown has so many wonderful stores to go through it is hard to pick just a few everyone should just enjoy all that Uptown has to offer!

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