Uptown Mugs #20 . Nawal Doucette

What makes uptown unique? ?One of the factors is personalities like Nawal Doucette and the exceptional business she has at 94 Germain Street, Natural Moves Yoga and Belly Dancing. ?

With noon hour yoga classes, belly dance fitness and workouts, as well as unique ballet, tribal, and folkloric finger cymbol instruction, you can have a lot of fun and discover your inner gypsy while conditioning yourself physically and emotionally. ?

Jewellery, accessories and yoga and belly dance fashions are available in the boutique. ?Energize yourself and discover a unique energy with Nawal.

Let's get to know Nawal!

Where were you born?
Born In Saint John to Canadian Mother/Egyptian Immigrant Father.?

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?
My Own Shop/Studio Opened Uptown March 2014- but I have been frequenting the uptown since my late teens…Hint * this is my last week in my 20's! ?

(Happy Birthday, Nawal..a little belated since we are just now posting this. ?Your beauty and fresh expression are evidence that yoga and dance truly are the fountain of youth!)

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?
When I need Inspiration I look to Nature – far more powerful and inspirational than any person.

What is your favorite season, and why?
I like Summer – for the Heat and easy attitude and Fall- for the boots and scarves!

What is your ultimate favorite snack food?
Whatever Cliff put in the cupboard.

Coffee, tea, or other?
Coffee or coffe substitutes: chaga, Yerba mate

Any pets?
None of my own pets but my Daughter has a Gerbil, a hermit crab and a beta fish.

Worst habit?
Telling people what I really think.

Who is your favorite artist?
Too many to have a favorite

What is your uptown insider tip?
Java Moose Double Espreso is a dollar cheaper than Starbucks/Second Cup.

Find Nawal and Natural Moves Yoga and Belly Dance…

On the Street: ?94 Germain Street
Online: ?naturalmovesyoga.com
Phone: ?721.8387
Email: ?doyoga@naturalmovesyoga.com

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