All Hallows' Eve at The Loyalist House

At twilight on Thursday, October 30, The Loyalist House will open its door to guests who dare to enter one of the oldest houses in Saint John, left standing from the 19th century. Could the legends?and stories possibly be true? Could The Loyalist House be haunted? For the first time in a number of years, The Loyalist House will be hosting an All Hallows' Eve! A family event open to the public! You shall be greeted at the door by a familiar Loyalist, although he shall not be himself…..There is going to be lots of Goblin Goodies and Witches' Brew prepared by the Culinary Wizard Deborah Coleman. The Professional Pianist Christopher Lane will be playing haunting music on the combination piano/organ from 1830. This piano is one of only?two known to exist. There will be bobbing for apples and face painting for the children in the kitchen. Two very special guests that evening will be Esteemed Historian David Goss and the Mysterious Mistress Grant from Loyalist City Paranormal/Saint John Haunted Tours. Once darkness descends, they will be explaining the ghostly happenings and paranormal experiences which have occurred in the house. This portion of the evening is recommended for ages 13 and up. All Hallows? Eve will start at 4:00 p.m. and run into the night until 8:00 p.m. Chipman Hill Suites have kindly sponsored this event and are offering discounted room rates for guests who attend. A double bed for $79.00, a queen bed for $89.00 or a king bed for $99.00. Please call 693-1171 to make reservations. The Loyalist House welcomes you to an evening full of fun and fright! Join The Loyalist House on Facebook for all the latest,”? ” Donations are welcome at the event and all proceeds will go towards the renovations of The Loyalist House.?

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