Uptown Mugs #19 . Liz Miller

It wasn't very long ago that Liz Miller set up shop at 91 Germain Street, but she and her studio, Good Fibrations,?are very much a part of the uptown heartbeat already. ?Liz is a true artist, always with a strand of some type of organic fibre in her hand, or perhaps a bottle of rich colour as she anxiously prepares to dye natural wool into a colourful hue to be worked into something beautiful. ?Liz would be working the loom, or knitting, or creating something home-made no matter where she is, we are lucky to have her here in this cozy studio on the corner. Stop in and have a chat with this lovely lady, and maybe grab some yarn for a nice new pair of mittens this winter.?

Let's get to know Liz!

Where were you born?
I was born in SJ, grew up in Gondola Point, live on the Peninsula.?

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?
I've been paying rent at 91 Germain since May, 2014; but I have been at the City Market on and off for about 6 or more years.

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?
Anne McShane (The Feel Good Store), of course, and Donna Walsh of Cricket Cove.

What is your favorite season, and why?
Fall. I like the weather, the sense of getting back to business, and of course people are thinking more about fibre arts, and wearing wool!

What is your ultimate favorite snack food?
No fair….hmm…. nachos I guess. Not very original.

Coffee, tea, or other?
Coffee. Java Moose actually.

Any pets?
Four cats, all rescues. 16, 6, 1, and 1. ?I am one away from being a crazy cat lady.

What is your most guilty pleasure?
Saturday night HNIC, beer, and chips.?

Worst habit?

Who is your favorite artist?
I cannot possibly choose. ?Ok, if I must, I am insanely fond of Celtic music. ?Lets say Mary Jane Lamond.

What is your uptown insider tip?
I am very excited about the Queen Square Market. ?Authentic and relaxed. Beautiful use of the Square.?

Find Liz and Good Fibrations

On the Street: ?91 Germain Street
Phone: ?608.3650


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