Cathedral Place Contest – A Chance to Win Tickets to The Originals 2014

We have tickets to give-away for The Originals?which is happening this Friday, September 26th at 7PM | 7th Floor, City Hall – 15 Market Square.

This is what you have to do to win.

1. Nominate in the comment box of our post on our Facebook page?someone you know that is over 50 years of age and is considered to always be 'Forever Young'. Tell us why you are nominating this person and why you believe that they are 'Forever Young'.

– 'Forever Young' means to be timeless. It is a mind set. Being young at heart. Please share with us their story.

2. Once your nomination is in, a winner will be announced this Friday morning. The winner will then receive two tickets and you will also receive two tickets to the event!!!

Best of luck!

– Cathedral Place 'Forever Young' Residences in Uptown Saint John
*Must be 19 or over to make a submission.


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