Uptown Mugs #18 – José Carlos Pool

Jos? is one of the freshest faces around Uptown Saint John, working as the lead barber out of the hot new “Famous Barbershop” on Water Street. Specializing in unique cuts that are difficult to get anywhere else in the region, Jos? brings a cool perspective and positive attitude to his job everyday. Let's learn a bit more about Jos?….

Where were you born?

Saman?, Dominican Republic

How long have you been in Uptown Saint John??

I lived here for a little more than one year – I have a son here who I love very much!?

What do you like most about Uptown Saint John?

Ha Ha…I love Beaver Tails!….and enjoy going to the City Market…I really like the food available in the neighbourhood!?

Recommendation to do on a Saturday in Uptown Saint John??

I work all day on Saturday so I?encourage?people to drop by the shop for a haircut. ?Sometimes at night I like to go dancing at the Canterbury Lounge.

Insider Tip about Uptown Saint John?

The people here are wonderful…folks should take the time to enjoy the peacefulness of the city.?

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