Saint John Volunteer Centre, "engaging people to volunteer effectively in the community"

I recently had the pleasure of sharing in an informative visit and chat with Eileen McLaughlin from the Saint John Volunteer Centre. ?Immediately, I was taken by Eileen's smile, with a wonderful intrinsic energy and passion behind it. ?It is clear she loves what she does. ?And, Saint John is very lucky to have the Volunteer Centre. ?Much of the skills and support the centre provides are behind the many activities and organizations that hold our community together.

The Saint John Volunteer Centre has existed since approximately 1973. ?The centre maintains a database of 70 Saint John businesses and organizations to whom they provide volunteers as needed. ?The range in skills required by these organizations is very broad. ?The Volunteer Centre prides themselves in equipping their volunteers with the skills they are interested in and that are specifically required for the various organizations.

Eileen notes that the centre is very lucky to have extremely skilled and qualified 'volunteer' trainers, which in turn allows the training sessions to be low cost and very affordable. ?One of the popular training sessions is 'Board of Director Governance' training, and the Saint John Volunteer Centre is happy to, for the first time, offer a 'Governance Certificate,' always an asset to ones credentials. ?The centre offers various training opportunities, as well as the monthly 'Noon Nugget,' a convenient noon hour training session on various topics.?

The look of volunteering has changed a bit over the years, with a shift from the more mechanical, assembly line duties, to a skills based volunteer where people get to practice where they need to grow. ?In the end, both the organization requiring assistance and the volunteer are winners and stronger.

At the end of our meeting, Eileen mentioned, with a twinkle in her eye, something exciting to watch for in October…opportunities through a networking/recruitment event with a unique chance to meet and match up with various Board of Directors. ?Certainly intriguing, and if you are looking to grow your skill sets, and expand your contacts, something you won't want to miss.

Find out more about the Saint John Volunteer Centre:
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On the Street: ?66 Waterloo Street, Suite 115
Phone: ?Phone: 658-1555 Toll Free:1-877-332-1555
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