Uptown Mugs #14 . Heather Quinn

Heather Quinn has a unique passion and energy for arts and culture.? Many know her from the music scene, or from one of the various volunteer positions she holds.? She carries with her a special style, grace, and ambition ? and has a hand in many of the happenings uptown and around our city, including the Pavilion Cup and Salty Jam.? With unique ideas and a wonderful positive attitude, Saint John is very lucky to have her.

Let's get to know Heather!

Where were you born?
I was born and raised in Saint John.?


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?
Probably since I first lived on Carmarthen Street around 2006/7.

What is your ultimate?favourite?snack food?
All kinds of fruit ? thank goodness it is easy to get in the City Market!?

Favourite musician?
Eddie Vedder ? Pearl Jam Ten was my first CD and I still have it. Major part of the grunge scene of the 90s, a whole album of ukulele songs , an amazing soundtrack to Into the Wild and still more great albums from Pearl Jam continuing to roll out. I will never get tired of it.?

What is your uptown insider tip?
That King?s Square is a beautiful place to catch your breath and relax no matter how stressful the work day is. Free, live music in the bandstand is just a bonus!?