You live here, you might work here, you pass through here. Take a look at all the businesses that impact our community.

Whether its a multi-national company like Pizza Hut and McDonald?s, a national chain like Pseudio and Bentley, or a small business like House of Chan and Lil? Shop of Science, they are all making an impact locally, in our Port City. Brunswick Square?s unique combination of retailers is something to behold.

One thing that gets taken for granted is the fact that all of these businesses, no matter the size, have decided to stay here, employ our people and inject tonnes of capital into our region. They didn?t have to create brick and mortar establishments, but they did. ?(insert round of applause here)

With the ever increasing realm of online shopping, physical stores are losing that share of the business and18.5 billion dollars is nothing to sneeze at.?As members of a community, it is our duty to make the choice to be ?Loyal to Local?. Whether you?re supporting a locally established corporation or a mom & pop shop, you are still doing your part to keep businesses thriving and you should be PROUD every time you do that.

I got into this conversation with the women in the below photograph who both say, they do the lions? share of their shopping uptown and at actual stores. This got me thinking that we should wear that and talk about that. I encourage you to use the hashtag #loyaltolocal and to help promote the people that work day in and day out to provide you with the kind of customer service that you get nowhere else.

From smiling Joe at McDonald?s, sweet Sharon at Starbucks, the lovely Sue at Decor8 to darling Joy at Je Suis Prest, we have got this customer service thing on lock down here at Brunswick Square and all over Saint John. So share your experience and finds with the hashtag #loyaltolocal and let?s keep the personal shopping experience alive, not just at BSquare, but EVERYWHERE!