Uptown Mugs #13 . Emma Blois . Uptown Ambassador, USJI

We would like to introduce Emma Blois, our summer student and ?Uptown Ambassador? this year.? Emma recently graduated from St. Malachy?s and is heading to Acadia this fall to study psychology.? She is a gal with great energy, avant garde taste and truly appreciates our urban vibe.? It is wonderful to see uptown through the eyes of this important generation.? Emma will be assisting with special projects and events as well as various initiatives USJI tackles during the summer months.? She is a wonderful photographer and has a unique way with words so she will be adding some great content on our website, which we look forward to.

You will most likely be seeing her around uptown this summer so be sure to say hi.?

Let?s get to know Emma!

Where were you born?
Born and raised in Saint John.


How long have you been a part of the Uptown Scene?
For the last 4 years I went to school uptown, but ever since I was little I've been coming uptown with my family.?

What is your ultimate favorite snack food?
Chocolate chips


Most guilty pleasure?
Anything Batman, I love the movies and whenever i see anything with Batman on it I have to buy it.

What is your uptown insider tip?
Thursdays are the best days at the market, it's Cashew Noodles day at Slocum & Ferris and Mac & Cheese day at Sisters!?


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