Uptown Mugs #12 . Lauchlan Ough, Hemmings House

I'm Lauchlan Ough, I'm the lead director of photographer and editor at Hemmings House Pictures. Our office is located in uptown Saint John and I live in the uptown too!

About Hemmings House

HEMMINGS HOUSE PICTURES?is an award winning collective of Photographers, Filmmakers and Videographers in Atlantic Canada who visually captures stories of our world. ?We operate equally well within still and motion capture, as well as audio production and computer graphics work. ?We are a one stop shop capable of taking your initial creative concept all the way to TV/Web broadcasting or print media.

Hemmings House Pictures is a film, TV, photography, and audio production company based in Saint John, New Brunswick, in Atlantic Canada. We work internationally as photographers, filmmakers, videographers and storytellers for clients in various locations around the globe, and have the contacts and acumen to bring international content to your production. ?We have completed photo shoots, filmed TV commercials, created documentaries, and shot television series in North, Central, and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Our company has a talented team of artists, consisting of nine employees and nine regular contractors. Our skills include the following: Television ads, commercial photography, audio production, television series production, radio ads, live concert footage and photography, corporate videos, and TV documentaries.

Let's get to know Lauchlan..


Where were you born?
I was born in Saint John on the East Side.


How long have you been a part of the Uptown Scene?
I've been coming uptown for 15 years or so now. First as a skateboarder, now for the last 6 years I'm working and living?uptown. ?I?have either lived or worked in Uptown SJ for as long as I've been in Saint John (just over 5 years).?


Any Pets?

My girlfriend and I have an all black greyhound named Honour.

Favorite photographer/director/producer/musician?
I just finished watching HBO's True Detective and I really enjoyed southern grittiness in the look and feel of the show from the cinematographer?Adam Arkapaw. ?That's currently my favourite.


What?s your uptown ?insider tip?'

Queen Square Farmers Market?on Sunday mornings has totally changed uptown on Sundays. ?If you?don't know about that, check it out asap. ?I think the York Bistro?patio is a total hidden jem. ?It has the best sunsets and gets more sun then the other patios in the nighttime.?


Find Lauchlan on Instagram: ?@lauchlandobloom
Find Lauchlan and Hemming's House online:?hemmingshouse.com
Find Hemming's House on Facebook??
Find Hemming's House on Twitter:?@hemmingshouse
Phone: 642.0872


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