Uptown Mugs #11 . Pamela Wheaton, Heartbreak Boutique


Heartbreak Boutique?just recently turned two, and we are very lucky to have this unique boutique… and owner, Pam, uptown! ?

Heartbreak Boutique is where classic meets quirky. We have a variety of clothing & accessories for guys and gals that reflect the style of the 50's and 60's, some very traditional, some with modern quirky twists. Oh and we also sell roller derby and roller skating gear!!

Let's get to know Pam!

Where were you born?
I was born in Fredericton but did most of my growing up in St. John's, NF.?


How long have you been a part of the Uptown Scene?
I have either lived or worked in Uptown SJ for as long as I've been in Saint John (just over 5 years). Heartbreak Boutique has proudly been part of Saint John's uptown for the last 2 years!?


Coffee, Tea, or other?
Coffee, I drink A LOT of coffee. A big thanks to Java Moose?for supporting my habit!?

Any Pets?
Yup, Bruce the cat!?


What?s your uptown ?insider tip?'
The Corn Crib has some amazing locally made cheese cake that is vegan!! So tasty, you'd never know it wasn't “the real deal”!!?

Find Heartbreak Boutique on the street: ?120 Germain Street
Find Heartbreak Boutique online: ?heartbreakboutique.com
Find Heartbreak Boutique on?FACEBOOK
Find Heartbreak Boutique on Twitter: ?@HeartbreakBtq
Phone: 214.5900


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