Uptown Mugs #10 . Liam Freill, North Market Seafood

Saint John is known for our seafood, and it doesn't get fresher than at our City Market. ?Liam is a well known face at the market, and not just for his cool hat and friendly smile…but for his knowledge about seafood and suggestions to prepare a tasty dish. ?Find common to the maritimes and unique products at North Market Seafood, all fresh and ready to eat or ship world-wide. ?North Market Seafood is one of the vendors in the market who lend to the creation of such an original, mingled aroma we associate with city market freshness! ?If you are on Facebook, be sure to look them up, as they post amazing seafood recipes and unique hints. ?Stop by and grab a fresh catch for dinner tonight!

Let's get to know Liam!

Where were you born?
I'm from Saint John,?growing up in the North End.


How long have you been a part of the Uptown Scene?
I've worked in the City Market for 8 years and previously lived in the uptown core.


Favorite Season?
I would have to say my favorite season is spring as the winter fishing grounds of the North Atlantic are closing bringing on the start of the Bay of Fundy lobster season with the Shad and Gaspereaux seasons getting in to full swing in the Saint John Harbour in May.

Favorite culinary pleasure?
My seasonal culinary favorite is to have multiple feeds,?in?the month of May, when the harbour shad roe becomes available with our locally picked fiddle heads.


What?s your uptown ?insider tip?'
I have 2 insider tips for the Uptown of Saint John.? First is to sample everything.? Local shops are working hard to promote their unique products,?take interest because there is a gold mine to discover.? My second tip food wise is to ask questions?of the local food vendors.? The knowledge that is available is almost endless with staff that are more than willing to help you?find the best shopping experience out there.

Find North Market Seafood on the street: ?City Market, 47 Charlotte Street
Find North Market Seafood online: ?www.northmarketseafood.com
Find North Market Seafood on?FACEBOOK
Find North Market Seafood on Twitter?@north_market
Phone: 652.8990

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