Uptown Mugs #9 . Leah Godin, Java Moose

Saint John is proud of our local coffee roaster, Java Moose…and uptown is lucky to have two locations with friendly, fun, and personable staff. ?Stepping into Java Moose on Prince William Street is like stepping into the 'Cheers' of coffee shops; they know your name, they know your preferences and they're faithfully there ready to serve your pleasure. ?

On most days, the staff behind the counter will include the lovely Leah (though her barista belly is expanding as she counts down the days until maternity leave). ?It is easy to see that the crew share a unique camaraderie and really enjoy each other, as well as the patrons. ?Leah is a quick witted and always charming, adding an extra level of comfort to this location. ?Leah and her fellow staff are excellent at engaging the public, whether it be in person or through social media channels. ?There is just something special about an independent coffee shop. ?Good coffee, comfy seats, great conversation…find it at Java Moose, Prince William Street. ?

Let's get to know Leah!

Where were you born?
I was born in Fredericton, NB and lived there for 7 whole weeks, but I grew up in the bustling mecca of St. George, NB.??


How long have you been a part of the Uptown Scene?
I've worked uptown for nearly 8 years, more than 5 of which at Java Moose!?


Coffee, Tea, or other?
Coffee is the beverage of champions! It's nice to have daily access to locally roasted goodness.?

Do you have any pets?
I have 3 cats, Scooter the giant Maine Coon, Isabelle, an orange Maine Coon and Pippa, our tiny blind kitty. Also 2 goldfish who have lived since the dawn of time.?


What?s your uptown ?insider tip?'
Roy's Army Surplus! (Canterbury Street) He sells more than just surplus army stuff. I have found some really cool antiques and fun vintage items at his store.?

Find Java Moose on the street: ?84 Prince William Street (2nd uptown location, City Market)
Find Java Moose online: ?www.javamoose.com
Find Jave Moose on?FACEBOOK
Find Java Moose on Twitter?@javamoosecoffee
Find Leah on Twitter @scottish_vixen?(she's pretty cool, give her a follow)
Phone: 657.7283

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