Uptown Mugs #7 . Ehab Radwan . Taste of Egypt

Taste of Egypt, located at 87 King Street is one of the most unique restaurants uptown. ?Owners Ehab and Paula Radwan are always there with a warm welcome! ?Ehab is the chef and he wants nothing more than to present you with something delicious and introduce you to some amazing, authentic Egyptian dishes. ?The menu has a lot to choose from and ranges from unique drinks to flavourful entr?es?(spicy or mild, your choice), to decadent deserts. ?They just began to offer a buffet at noon on Thursday and Friday, which is proving very popular! ?Their menu is online?and is worth checking out, or better still…stop by and enjoy a Taste of Egypt!

Let's get to know Ehab!

Where were you born?
I am from Alexandria, Egypt.?


How long have you been a part of the Uptown Scene?
I have been?a part of the Uptown scene for 4 years which is how long I have been in Canada. I love being Uptown.?


Coffee, Tea, or other?
Egyptian tea which is tea with mint. Since I came to Canada, I cut down my sugar intake. I used to take 7 spoons of sugar in a medium cup but now I only take 2.


Who is your favourite musician?
It would have to be Amr Diab. He is an Egyptian singer.?


What?s your uptown ?insider tip?'
The best feature of Uptown SJ is the Imperial Theatre. I love going there. What would be better than dinner at Taste Of Egypt before the show 🙂

Find Taste of Egypt on the street: ?87 King Street
Find Taste of Egypt online: ?www.tasteofegyptrestaurant.com
Find Taste of Egypt on?FACEBOOK
Find Taste of Egypt on Twitter?@TasteOfEgypt
Phone: 657.0003

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