Uptown Mugs #4 . Laura Smith . Perfumes Plus, Brunswick Square

Meet Laura Smith, makeup artist at the stylish aesthetic boutique,?Perfumes Plus, Level 1, Brunswick Square.

Uptown is cutting edge in style, home to numerous trendy and contemporary boutiques including Perfumes Plus. Located conveniently in Brunswick Square, Perfumes Plus specializes in fragrance, cosmetics, and aesthetics for men and women. ?Laura is a permanent fixture there, and greets customers and clients with her own beautiful, welcoming smile. ?An expert in makeup artistry, Laura knows her stuff and goes the extra mile to ensure those who visit walk away feeling great! ?Perfumes Plus keeps us engaged further, with make-overs, contests and participation in various fashion related events uptown.

An interesting fact, Perfumes plus is the only retailer of CHANEL make-up, fragrance, & skincare in Atlantic Canada. ?For high quality products and outstanding personal customer service, be sure to check out Perfumes Plus!

Let's get to know Laura!

Where were you born?
Halifax. I came to Saint John as a child and have lived outside the city in Hampton or Kingston for the duration of my time here but I love working uptown. ?


How long have you been a part of the Uptown Scene?
I?ve been most involved with the uptown scene since joining Perfumes Plus six years ago. It has connected me to so many people throughout my time here.


What is your favorite thing about being a makeup artist?
I love when I can help a woman to gain some confidence. Teaching how to apply makeup is probably my favorite thing as it inspires and empowers women to feel good about themselves for the long term which happens when you learn any new skill really. It is very life affirming to see someone light up when they figure out a new technique or approach. ?


Any pets?
I have two Yorkshire terriers who are actually uptown girls as well! They come to work with myself and my husband every day and hang out in his doggie friendly office. They love King Square and have visited Kate?s pup at Silver Daisy from time to time.


What?s your uptown ?insider tip?'
Enjoy the city on your feet. You end up meeting lovely people and there is always a good cup of coffee around the corner. I really think that gives you the best picture of Uptown Saint John.?

Perfumes Plus on the street: ?Brunswick Square, Level 1
Perfumes Plus Online: ?www.perfumesplus.ca
Perfumes Plus on?Facebook
Perfumes Plus on Twitter:?@PerfumesPlusSJ
Phone: ?633.0074

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