Uptown Mugs #2 . Teresa Jennings . Scheherazade Books & Music, 116 Prince William Street

Meet Teresa Jennings, owner of Scheherazade Books & Music, 112 Prince William Street??

Do you ever want to just cozy into one of those quaint indie book stores, with a coffee or tea, wall to wall books, and the magical sense of non-existent time? ?Scheherazade Books & Music is one of those spaces. ?Find Scheherazade Books & Music tucked into the corner on Prince William Street, on one of the most enriched in history spaces uptown. ?Books are well organized and easy to peruse, as well as an interesting mesh of genres and tastes.?

Scheherazade is not only books, it is music, it is friendly staff, it is relaxed, it is a pleasure. ??Stop in and find that downtime we so often need…and you just may find an uncommon, unique treasure of wonderful story.

Let's get to know Teresa!

Where were you born?

Born and raised in Cape Breton.? Most people would say that I don't have an accent but get me riled or enthused and there she is!

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I've had the shop 6 1/2 years now.? It's a pleasure to work uptown.? I love walking around early in the morning and watching people's day begin and feeling the energy as a city wakes up.

Name one or two of your favorite Authors/Books?

My all-time favorite book is Virgins by Caryl Rivers.? It is my greatest wish to someday, meet someone, who has also read this book :)? Running the shop, I try to read a variety of authors and I have yet to come across a book that didn't make an impression in some way whether it was the story, a character, or even one brilliant line that I thought “man, I wish I'd written that.”

Any pets?

Yes!? Many of my customers met Rory the Cocker Spaniel while he was hanging out at the shop with me.? However, once he entered what can only be described as the canine version of the terrible twos, he retired from public life.

What is your uptown secret?

Whenever I get the chance I make it a point to walk through CenterBeam Place connecting King St to Grannan Lane.? It's like some kind of magical Zen hallway and no matter how restless my mind on the way in, I feel restful and happy on the way out.? And then I go the Shawarma Hut in the City Market and get their platter and then everything is truly right with my world!

Scheherazade on the street, 116 Prince William Street
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Scheherazade online,?www.scheherazadebooks.com

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