Uptown Mugs #1 . Megan McMulkin . Handworks Gallery, 12 King Street

Meet Megan McMulkin, Co-owner of Handworks Gallery, located at 12 King Street. ?

Handworks Gallery is one of the many established and popular galleries uptown. ?With a concentration on pieces from local artisans and a varied array of inventory, Handworks always lives up to their respected reputation. ?As with many of our uptown businesses, Megan and/or Randy are often present in the store and they offer a friendly one-on-one assistance, considering your unique wants and needs. ?They will even be happy to work with you in having a piece commissioned, it doesn't get more unique and special than that! ?

Handworks Gallery uses their storefront to full potential, with dynamic artistic creations, and sometimes even live art displays. ?They participate in the celebrated 'Gallery Hops' during the year, as well as being involved with various fundraisers and events.

Let's get to know Megan!

Where were you born? ?
The old Saint John General Hospital off the illustrious Waterloo!

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene??
Owned Handworks since January 2012.?

Name one or two of your favorite visual artists?
Favorite visual artists – Hard as we represent many!? Two of our local artists who I have loved for many years are Fred Ross and Hertzl Kaschetsky – neither of whom we represent but I have loved their work long before owning Handworks.

Any pets?
Used to have a small zoo but now just a cockatiel named Hedwig

Most guilty pleasure??
Guilty pleasure… reading brainless romance novels

What is your 'Uptown Insider Tip?'
Insider Tip…when you walk don't look down, look around and up!? Saint John has the best architecture – dont miss it!

Handworks on the street, 12 King Street
Handworks on Facebook,facebook.com/HandworksGallery

Handworks on Twitter,?@handworksart
Phone, 652.9787

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