A Journey on the Grandest Ocean Liner Ever Built – Catherine’s Story on the Queen Mary 2

This year marks the?10th anniversary for the?Cunard flagship Queen Mary 2 and only two years ago, Harbourfront resident?Catherine made her first voyage on the?world's largest and most expensive ocean liner.?

Her travels started early in the morning with a close group of travel companions.?

They departed Saint John, New Brunswick by bus and made their way to New York!

After spending three nights in the city, Catherine and her friends boarded the Queen Mary 2 at the Cunard Pier in Brooklyn.?

As they set sail for New Port, they had a celebratory toast! The next morning they docked and enjoyed breakfast in their rooms before preparing for the day.?

In Newport they toured the oceanfront estate?of Doris Duke.

Apparently at one time, Doris Duke even had camels on her estate!?

After touring New Port, everyone returned to the ship.


They then prepared for the black and white formal dinner. It was a night to remember!

According to Catherine being on the Queen Mary 2 is just like stepping back in time. They were seated next to a window that provided them with a pristine ocean view.?


After a wonderful evening, the ladies prepared for the next day. In the morning they arrived in Boston.

Boston reminded Catherine of Saint John. Rich in history and with beautiful architectural design.


On their final day, Catherine and her friends enjoyed the many amenities on the ship.

They relaxed and soaked in the sun before heading back to Saint John (which was Catherine's last stop).?

This was Catherine's first cruise and she enjoyed it thoroughly. She would recommend it to anyone interested in having a relaxing vacation.

Her last stop was her city of Saint john. The ship docked uptown at the Marco Polo Terminal and she picked up her suitcase, said farewell to her travel companions and walked off the ship.?

Catherine is a resident of Harbourfront Residences?and all she had to do to get home was to just walk across the street! She lives and works (at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre) uptown!

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