Crosby’s Gingerbread Trail . An Uptown Journey of Sweet Gingerbread Creations . Winners Announced!

Sponsored by Crosby's Molasses, and inspired by Saint John's Magical Holiday Classic 'The Nutcracker,' annual show at the Imperial Theatre, uptown
patrons enjoyed a sweet trail of gingerbread creations again this year!

Below are the First, Second, and Third place winners, and all of the delicious and unique creations hosted by businesses uptown.

First Place Winner – Manchester Shoe Salon . Market Square

Second Place Winner – Fishy Chores . 116 Prince William Street

Third Place Winner – Saint John Arts Centre . 20 Peel Plaza

Honorable mentions go to every participant!

Simply Local, EH!? . 30 Water Street

Liquid Gold Olive Oils & Vinegars . 80 Prince William Street

Mezzadro Italian Restaurant . 88 Prince William Street

The Butterfly Shoppe . 36 King Street

Veronica's Music . 82 Germain Street

Saint John Ale House . Market Square

Made You Blush . Market Square

Delta Brunswick . 39 King Street

Freak Lunchbox

Saint John City Market – The Baking Stone

Imperial Theatre

Sponsor's Creation . Crosby's Molasses

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