Realtors to the Rescue!

The Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue?has many long-term residents. Real estate agents in our city have decided to go above and beyond to help them find a loving home. These are our 'Realtors to the Rescue'!


Each cat is being sponsored so they can be professionally groomed and accessorized for their professional photo session which is being sponsored by Jennifer Irving. Sponsorship also covers medical supplies needed for these special kitties.

We hope you fall in love this Christmas with the purr-fect companion to celebrate the holidays!
*please note: adoption fees still apply with the
exception of Peter Coughlan's sponsored cat Carmella and Barry Manilow who has been sponsored by Pat Lockhart. They are offering to cover the adoption fee.

Grooming services have been provided by Barbara Orr from?Dog'N'Sudz?-?don't be fooled by the name – they also groom cats.?Barb and her staff have donated their time and efforts to groom 25 cats before Christmas!

The kitties are also being accessorized with bows and ties which are custom made by?Tammy Rediger from RHC Pets. *Proceeds from sales of RHC Pets bow ties have always been used to help the animals at the SPCA/AR.

*If you are a real estate agent and would like to sponsor a cat or if you are a groomer and would like to be involved in the next campaign, please contact

Fran Menton

c. 506-644-9642

DAY 24 – Ginger

Ginger – ID# 1370 – Adopted

Our final post is a very special story.?

Meet Ginger.

She arrived at the shelter on June 14th, 2013 as a young pregnant mom. She was put in foster care to have her kittens and then came back. All her kittens were adopted and Ginger was left to wait patiently at the SPCA/AR for a home.?

When we brought her to be groomed at Dog'N'Sudz, Barb (owner) fell in love with her right away. Barb asked ask us for adoption papers and Ginger is now in her forever home.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for all your support!

DAY 23 – Max

Max – ID# 1679 17-Nov-13
*$90 Adoption fee covers the cost of spay/neuter

Max was brought in by NBSPCA?on November 17th, 2013. This poor boy was neglected – he had been shot with a pellet gun and nothing was done about it medically.

He also had a bad ear infection that was not being treated. The infection could have came from his wound which made its way up to his ears.

This sweet boy can be found in the isolation room (please ask a staff member to take you there). He is very handsome and was very gentle with us when handled. He stood strong and proud when we took his photo. We absolutely love Max and his determined spirit to survive.

Max is wearing an aqua and navy blue bow from?RHC Pets.

Max is still waiting for a sponsor.


DAY 22 – Mittens

Mittens – ID# 1515 – Spayed Female

Mittens was brought in this summer. She arrived on August 24th, 2013.?

Mittens is calm and quiet. Contented easily, not a high energy cat.

She is approximately five years old and is a very nice cat.?If you would like to meet her, pay her a visit in the girls room.?

Mittens is wearing a grey and white stripped bow from RHC Pets.

Mittens is still waiting for a sponsor.


DAY 21 – Kate Moss

Kate Moss – ID# 1300 – Spayed Female

Kate Moss was brought in over two years ago (2011) and she was adopted by a nursing home.

During her time there she was overfed and now weighs over 17 pounds! Kate is now on a strict diet and has to be carefully monitored.

On average a domestic shorthair should weigh between 8 and 10 pounds. Kate exceeds the average which is a health concern and she has to lose weight at a healthy rate (no more than 1-2%).

Like Piper, she is a?tortoiseshell but she has a distinct patch of white on her belly.?

Kate reminds me of the Japanese fortune cat – Maneki Neko. This figurine is traditionally a calico Japanese Bobtail cat. It is known for its upright paw that beckons you to enter a home or business.

In Japan it is sometimes also called the welcoming cat, lucky cat, money cat, happy cat, or Buddah Kitty.

Kate Moss is wearing a red and white chevron bow from?RHC Pets

Kate is still waiting for a sponsor.


DAY 20 – Piper

Piper – ID#?1457 – Not Spayed – Female

*$90 Adoption fee covers the cost of spay/neuter


Piper is a shy tortie who was brought in on July 18th, 2013.

Tortoiseshell cats are known for their coats which consist of a blend of colors such as red, brown, black, chocolate, cream, or cinnamon.

They are also known to have a “split face” pattern that usually has black on one side of the face and orange on the other, with the dividing line running down their nose.

In many cultures, tortoiseshell cats are believed to bring good luck and have been refereed to as money cats or fortune cats.

Piper would be a lucky girl if we could find her a home. This little kitty likes to curl up beside you (once she gets to know you) and seeks attention whenever possible.

Piper is wearing a red and white Christmas striped bow from?RHC Pets.


Piper is still waiting for a sponsor.?

DAY 19 – Eddy

Eddy – ID# 1240 – Neutered Male

Eddy has come a long way from the scaredy cat he used to be.

When he arrived on March 14, 2013 he used to hide under a blanket when people approached him. Now he comes out and allows to be occasionally?petted and he likes to curl up on Mariea's lap (she is a volunteer
at the SPCA/AR). ?

Eddy might be shy because of trauma experienced when living on the streets. He has a scar on his eye and when he was brought in, staff members could see that it was?cloudy as well.

He really is a sweet cat and with a gentle home, he would very quickly come out of his shell.?

Eddy is wearing a custom tie from?RHC Pets.

Eddy is still waiting for a sponsor.

DAY 18 – Gracia

?Gracia – ID#?1341 ?- Not Spayed – Female
*$90 Adoption fee covers the cost of spay/neuter

The name Gracia is of Spanish origin and it means to be?“pleasing, agreeable”.

Gracia was brought in on March 28th 2013 and as you can see in the photo, she has a very laid back personality.

This beautiful girl can be found in the isolation room. She has been at the SPCA/AR for sometime now. It has been nine months and she has yet to find a home.

If you would like to meet Gracia please ask the staff at the front desk to take you to her. She is a small framed cat with beautiful soft grey and white coat.

She loves treats and snuggles.

Gracia is wearing a red and white polka dot bow tie from?RHC Pets.


Gracia is still waiting for a sponsor.

DAY 17 – Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra – ID#?1304?- Not spayed – Female
*$90 Adoption fee covers the cost of spay/neuter

This beautiful green-eyed tabby was brought in on May 10th, 2013.

Unfortunately she is not feeling well and has been put into the isolation room. She is a sweet girl who might do better in a foster home. Being in a home environment would make it easier for her to recover.

We would love to see Carmen get a good home this Christmas! She is very sweet and has beautiful markings.

If you have never considered the option of fostering you can learn more about it here. You can make such a difference just by opening your home to an animal in need.

Carmen is wearing a red and green polka dot bow from?RHC Pets.

Carmen?is still waiting for a sponsor.?

DAY 16 – Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong – ID# 1664 – Neutered Male

Neil seems to be an older cat and he has been at the SPCA/AR for over two months now. He looks a lot like Trooper (featured on Day 8) with his big rugged face.

Neil was found on MacLaren Blvd on October 17th, 2013.

Mariea (long-term volunteer) spends a lot of time with these cats and she says that Neil is?a bit of a loner for a cat his size.

Apparently he is a target for some of the other cats and tends to be a bit defensive if another cat gets too close.

Luckily these last couple of days he has started to settle.?He likes to lie down beside Mariea as she reads a book so he can be petted. Sometimes if he is lucky he gets kissed on top of his big head.


Neil is wearing a blue/grey and white striped tie from?RHC Pets

Neil is still waiting for a sponsor.?

DAY 15 – Sassy

Sassy – ID# 1330 – Not Spayed – Female
*$90 Adoption fee covers the cost of spay/neuter

Sassy is not a sassy girl?at all.

She is one of the oldest cats at the shelter – approximately 10 years old. She was brought in on May 16th, 2013 and she has the saddest eyes.

Poor Sassy needed a serious grooming session. Even though she is a short-hair cat, her coat hadn't been brushed for a very long time.

As you can see in the picture, Barb brushed out a lot of fur.

Sassy can be found in the girls room. If you are unable to adopt her please take the time to visit her instead. She really enjoys the attention from visitors.

?We would love to see this girl get adopted so she can live out the rest of her life in a loving home.

Sassy is wearing a green bow from RHC Pets.

Sassy is still waiting for a sponsor.?

DAY 14 – Snowball

Snowball – ADOPTED

Now this is a fantastic story!

This little beauty has been at the SPCA since October 21st, 2013 and she was adopted last week ago by a lovely couple.?


Now when we started our list of cats for this campaign, we focused on cats who have been at the shelter the longest but when we walked in the girls room and saw Snowball we had to put her on the list.

We could see how beautiful this girl was but her fur was matted and in desperate need of cleaning. So we got her groomed and photographed and we knew she wouldn't be at the shelter very long.

The only problem with Snowball was that she was very shy and children frightened her. When a group of young girls came into the girls room, Snowball ran for cover and hid.

Now Jennifer (our photographer) and I were at the SPCA last week so she could adopt her new puppy 'Maui' when a very nice couple came to the front desk and said they wanted to fill out adoption papers for Snowball.?

I was very excited and started chatting with them. I mentioned that Snowball had a 'twin' named Ice and that they may not have seen him because he was in the isolation room. I told them that he had two different coloured eyes just like Snowball, ?blue and yellow.?

We went to go see him and they fell in love with him right away. When they heard his story they felt so bad for him they decided to foster him that day. They want to take him home to see if he would get along with Snowball before adopting him because Ice was known to have trust issues with other cats from the time he used to live on the streets.

Now Ice was featured on our Day 1 post for this campaign and after living in the shelter 10 months, he finally has a home!

We were told they like to snuggle next to each other on the couch and are getting along very well. They are even found sleeping nose-to-nose.

Snowball is wearing an aqua and navy blue bow from?RHC Pets

Snowball is still waiting for a sponsor.

DAY 13 – Elliot

Elliot – ADOPTED

Elliot is our featured cat because today is supposed to be the day that he goes to his new home!

This 18 month-old boy was living out on the streets just a few months ago. He was found on Elliot Row and was brought into the SPCA/AR on November 15th, 2013.

He is talkative, friendly and?all around awesome.?

We hope everything works out for Elliot and his new owner!?


Elliot is now in his new home and look at how happy he is! Congratulations Elliot!!

Elliot is wearing a beautiful vintage plaid bow from?RHC Pets.

Elliot is still waiting for a sponsor.?

DAY 12 – Jenna

Jenna – ID# 1532 – Not Spayed – Female

*$90 Adoption fee covers the cost of spay/neuter

Jenna is a very special girl and would therefore require a very special home.

She was brought in on August 29th, 2013 and had to receive veterinarian care right away because poor Jenna is blind in one eye (as you can see in the picture).

The whole time that Jenna has been as the SPCA/AR she has been put into carriers to be transported to a vet, had staff give her the medical attention she needs but what she needs most is the ability to be homed or fostered so she can have a different type of human interaction. Not one that consists of constant handling due to administering of medication,… she needs to be loved. Especially since she has been isolated due to her medical needs.

These last few weeks she has been doing very well and will be transported into the girls room any day now (maybe even today!).

Jenna is a very shy cat and should be handled carefully. Her eye injury has caused her to be very cautious and so she might not do well with children. She would need someone who is patient since she is still adjusting to her partial blind state. It really isn't an easy transition to be injured and then to loose sight in one eye.

Please give this girl the home she deserves!

Jenna was also very matted before being brought to the groomer. She is now fully washed and brushed! She looks great and feels fantastic.

Jenna is wearing a beautiful vintage plaid bow from RHC Pets.

Jenna is still waiting for a sponsor.?

DAY 11 – Carmella

Carmella – Inquire at front desk for additional details
*$90 Adoption fee covers the cost of spay/neuter

Carmella is a very shy girl and was just recently brought into the SPCA/AR.

She was found outdoors by a woman and she was very scared and hungry. She lived in the woman's garage for a while until a space could open up for her at the shelter.

She is still a bit timid and doesn't know which humans she can trust but warms up with a few chin scratches and treats.

Carmella can be found in the girls room and she would make a lovely pet.

Carmella is wearing a blue plaid bow tie from RHC Pets.

Carmella has been sponsored by?Peter Coughlan.

He is helping Carmella find a home this Christmas.?

If you would like to have him help you find your new home, you can contact him by:

Office: 506-633-9777

Cell: 506-608-4866

Peter is a full-time award winning agent with Century 21 River-Valley Realty Ltd. He has been in this business for over six years and has done over 300 transactions (that is excluding transactions done with family and friends).?

He is hard working, knowledgeable, honest and industrious. If you are going to buy or sell, he will earn your business. All of Peter?s listings are posted with multiple photos for viewing optimization and include a professional write-up.

With many satisfied clients, Peter has been recognized for the following:?

– 2012 Centurion

– 2011 Centurion?

– 2010 Masters Diamond

– 2009 Masters Diamond

– 2008 Centurion

– 2007 Masters Rub

– TOP TEN in Atlantic Canada for ? of 2008 in SOLDS!?

– TOP TEN in Atlantic Canada for all of 2009 in SOLDS!

If you know of someone who is buying or selling, have them contact him. He will take good care of their needs. They can trust their business to someone who knows the business.

Buyers please be aware that he can show you all homes listed with companies in this marketplace and negotiate at no extra cost for you,? the buyer! He knows this local market and will ensure you get an informed deal!

Peter and his wife are the proud owners of three cats – Munchie, Blackie and Daisy.

DAY 10 – Saffron

Saffron – ADOPTED

This green-eyed boy has been at the SPCA/AR for over TWO YEARS!

He was found on Sandy Point Road and brought in as a stray on November 4th, 2011.

Saffron is well loved by volunteers and staff but they can't understand why no one has wanted to adopt him.

He loves attention and snuggling on your lap for naps. We were told by Mariea that naps are one of Saffron's favourite things.

Mariea is an SPCA volunteer and she visits these kitties as much as possible. Saffron is one of her favourites.?

Saffron does well with other cats and would also be good with a family.
Please don't let the shelter be his permanent home.

Saffron desperately needed grooming! Barb from Dog'n'Sudz?pampered him with a bath, shave and much need combing. He felt like a million dollars when he returned to the shelter!?

Saffron is wearing a red plaid bow tie from?RHC Pets.


Saffron has been sponsored by?Peter Coughlan.

He is helping Saffron find a home this Christmas.?

If you would like to have him help you find your new home, you can contact him by:

Office: 506-633-9777

Cell: 506-608-4866

Peter is a full-time award winning agent with Century 21 River-Valley Realty Ltd.?

DAY 9 – Noah


Noah was brought in on September 11th, 2013.

He is a very young cat and if you are looking for the perfect pet he would be the one.

During his time at the groomers he wasn't bothered by the other dogs in the room. He not only is wonderful with people but he also gets along with other cats. He would adapt quickly in a home with children and gentle dogs.

Noah is wearing a red tie from RHC Pets.

Noah has been sponsored by?Peter Coughlan.

He is helping Noah find a home this Christmas.?

If you would like to have him help you find your new home, you can contact him by:

Office: 506-633-9777

Cell: 506-608-4866

Peter is a full-time award winning agent with Century 21 River-Valley Realty Ltd.?


DAY 8 – Trooper

Trooper – ADOPTED

On April 1st, 2013 the SPCA/AR received a call that there was an injured cat on Waterloo Street.

When Trooper was found, he had?a wound in his neck that was essentially a hole. It was very bad and he needed professional attention right away.

That was eight months ago and he has lived up to his name – Trooper! He has completely healed and is very grateful.?


Trooper is now living with a family that have a senior cat. So far everything is going very well!?

Trooper is wearing a blue/grey and white striped tie from?RHC Pets


Trooper has been sponsored by Peter Coughlan.

He is helping Trooper find a home this Christmas.?

If you would like to have him help you find your new home, you can contact him by:

Office: 506-633-9777

Cell: 506-608-4866

Peter is a full-time award winning agent with Century 21 River-Valley Realty Ltd.?


DAY 7 – Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow | ID# 1463 | Neutered Male

I don't know why he was named Barry Manilow because this cat has serious stage fright!

Barry was brought in as a kitten on July 18th, 2013. He was only six months old.

At one time he was adopted but he was so scared he hid under a couch for days. Barry is a very shy cat and he would make a wonderful pet if he had someone who could be patient with him and give him the time he needs to know that everything is ok.

When you walk into the boys room at the SPCA/AR, Barry will run and hide if you go near him. If you can approach him slowly, he will let you pet him and then you will see his sweet side come out.

Barry is just one big scaredy cat and with the right owner he will do very well.

Please don't bring him into a home with dogs or children. This will only frighten him even more. If you have a quiet home, it would be the perfect place for this boy.

Barry is wearing a red and white polka dot bow tie from?RHC Pets.

Barry has been sponsored by Pat Lockhart. ?

She is helping Barry find a home this Christmas.?

If you would like to have her help you with your new home, you can contact her by:

Direct: 506-633-0008

Cell: 506-647-0240

Pat specializes in purchases, refinances, and renewals for residential and commercial mortgages in the Saint John and Kings County area. She has over 35 years in the Financial Service Industry with 17 years experience in Mortgage lending. Pat has achieved the Optimus Award of Excellence for placing in the top 20% of agents by Mortgage unit Volume in Canada for 2013.

Pat is a Director on the Hampton and Area Chamber of Commerce and serves on several committees. She is also a member of the Women in Business Network, the Town of Hampton Economic Development Committee and a volunteer for Hampton?s Communities in Bloom. She is a past Chair of the Kiwanis Nursing Home and past President of Bryant Drive Holdings, Sussex, NB, a former Director of the Dr. V.A. Snow Nursing Home and past Chair of the Hampton Tourism Committee.

Pat is also a member of C.A.A.M.P., Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals, and has recently earned her AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professional designation).

Pat and her husband live in Hampton.

DAY 6 – Bits

Bits – ID# 1464 – Not Neutered – Male
*$90 Adoption fee covers the cost of spay/neuter

Bits was found and brought in by a volunteer on July 21st, 2013.?

Before coming into the SPCA/AR, Bits had been attacked by a fox and then the very next night he was attacked by two male cats.

After all this trauma, this poor boy is very defensive and does not get along with other cats. If you would like to meet him please ask the staff to introduce you to him since he is currently in the isolation room.

Bits is a very lovable cat. He loooooves getting attention. It is hard to walk away from him because he just insists on being pat.

He will headbutt your hand over and over again until you pet him. Anytime he does get socialized with volunteers or staff, he takes full advantage of it. I swear this guy follows you around just like a dog. He also likes to give you love 'bites' (they are really small nibbles) to show you he cares.?

Bits has a BIG heart and truly deserves a home this Christmas.

Bits is wearing a red plaid bow tie from?RHC Pets.

Bits has been sponsored by Steve Ryan.

He is helping Bits find a home this Christmas.

If you would like to have him help you find your new home, you can contact him by:

Mobile: 506-647-1489

Office: 506-847-2020

Steve Ryan is a professional REALTOR? at Royal LePage Atlantic with over 28 years of sales experience. He is an individual who is able to build relationships, trust, and rapport with clients. He can make connections with people, creating partnerships and alliances, and has a positive, motivation momentum to ?get things done.?

Providing customer service beyond the clients? expectations is what you can expect from Steve.

As a professional real estate sales agent Steve assists sellers in marketing their property and selling it for the highest possible price under the best terms available. When he acts as a Buyer?s Agent with a signed agreement; he assists buyers by helping them purchase property for the best possible price under the best terms available.

Steve is a lifelong resident of Saint John and currently resides in the Kennebecasis Valley with his wife Julie Corkum and their three dogs. He is a big believer in helping out with the community by volunteering with the Animal Rescue League and World Vision. He also has spent time playing junior and senior hockey, senior baseball, and has coached highschool basketball. He also takes time out of his schedule to help with the Royal LePage Atlantic Community Clean Up and annual Garage Sales.

For all your real estate needs, do not hesitate to call Steve Ryan with any questions you may have!


DAY 5 – Mint Nittany AKA Mamasita

Mint Nittany – ID#819 – Spayed Female

This is a special post for me because Mint Nittany was my first foster.
*You can make a world of difference in the life of a cat or dog by?fostering. Learn more by contacting the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue. In some cases you are actually saving a life by doing this.

She was brought into the SPCA/AR on June 22nd, 2012 (she has been at the shelter for one year and six months) after being found on the Dofred Road. She was very skinny, dirty, skunky and very sick! Poor Nittany had
been sprayed by a skunk while living on the streets.

Nittany was so skinny that staff members didn't realize right away that she was pregnant. Once they noticed that she was expecting, they put a call out to have her fostered.

I brought her into my home just days before she gave birth to five kittens.

So how did she get her nickname? The first day I met her I was shocked she was pregnant because of her size. She was malnourished and very young. So while she was under my care I decided to call her Mamasita – which means lil' momma.

While Nittany nursed her babies she would let me administer medication. She had to take antibiotics for her severe upper respiratory infection (which spread to the babies). The antibiotics not only helped her, it also help her kittens because it would be delivered to them through her milk.

She also had a severe eye infection (which also spread to the kittens) and she would patiently let me apply ointment until it was completely healed.

Nittany really is a wonderful cat but I can only assume that she was abused either in her previous home or on the streets. Nittany has a hard time trusting people and should NOT be brought into a home with children or other cats.

She likes attention on her own terms and when she becomes moody, she is best to be left alone.

With everything that she has been through, it would be nice for her to have a quiet home, maybe on a farm where she can enjoy the outdoors. In my opinion she would do so much better in an outdoor setting and it might help with her mood swings 🙂

Nittany's kittens all received wonderful homes. I actually adopted two of her kittens and they are doing very well. You would never have known that at one time they had been very sick along with their mother. They are now perfectly healthy cats enjoying living life uptown! *Indoors of course.

Mint Nitanny has been sponsored by?Deryl Fitzgerald
He is helping Mint Nittany find a home this Christmas.?

If you would like to have him help you find your new home, you can contact him by:

Office: 506-633-9777

Cell: 506-333-1311

I became inspired to do this campaign after speaking with Deryl. He informed me that during the years working as a real estate agent and appraiser he has run into sad situations. Stray and feral animals that were in need of serious veterinarian?care.

He once came across two cats that were abandoned in a building for five?weeks! How did they survive? He said they were eating what ever left over garbage the previous owners had left behind and were only able to stay slightly hydrated because of a leak in the roof. Deryl rushed them to a local veterinarian clinic and had them looked after.

So many real estate agents have similar stories and so I asked Deryl for his support in helping bring awareness on the overpopulation of strays in our city. If we are able to increase adoptions at our local SPCA/AR, they are able to help more cats in need.

Deryl has a beautiful brittany spaniel name Chip. He is also the proud owner of two siamese cats named Finnieon and Pippin


Deryl has been a full time realtor for the past 39 years, entering the business shortly after graduation from high school. Deciding to make real estate a life long profession proceeded with his education receiving his FRI (Fellow of the Real Estate Institute) and his CMR (Certified marketing in Real Estate) designations. He received his CRA (Canadian Residential Appraiser) designation in 1983.

Deryl has served in all capacities of the Saint John Real Estate Board serving as president in 1987. He has served on the NB Real Estate Council as Vice President in 1987. He served as president of the Salesman's Association in the 1970's for two years. He has won many sales awards over the years as a sales representative and has years of management and training experience. He is a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association and the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Active as well in the community Deryl has sat on various boards and committees. He is actively involved with the Luxor Shrine and is Past Master of “Saints John's Lodge # 2 F&AM”. (Free and Accepted Masons.)

Deryl is very well versed in all aspects of the Real Estate Industry including Marketing, Appraisal, Construction, investment and most other relevant aspects of the industry specializing in residential housing.

If you are looking for a true professional realtor to represent your interests regarding one of the most important transactions of your life call Deryl today!

DAY 4 – Baby AKA Patience

Baby – ID# 680 – Neutered Male

Baby has been at the SPCA/AR for a very, very long time and he has been nicknamed Patience because he has been patiently waiting for a home since February 11th, 2012.

Can you imagine?

Poor Baby was just a kitten when he was brought in.

This sweet boy is good-natured and gets along with other cats. He is also good with children. He loves to cuddle and is a docile, gentle soul. He is just one big baby!!

Baby was found on Wright Street. He was rescued from an abandoned building that was destroyed in a fire. One of the volunteers said 'when found, it looked like he was patiently waiting to be rescued'. Just another reason for his nickname.

The day he was brought into the shelter he was also accompanied by another cat that had been found that day. His companion has since been re-homed and Baby has not.

Baby has sweet freckles on one ear. If you want a cuddle-bug in your life, give Baby a chance. He really deserves it.

Baby is wearing a custom tie from RHC Pets.

Baby has been sponsored by Jeff Kitchen.

He is helping Baby find a home this Christmas.?

If you would like to have him help you find your new home, you can contact him by:

Tel: 506-650-1690


Growing up in Rothesay New Brunswick, Jeff Kitchen recognized the importance of team work at an early age. Spending a large part of his childhood traveling and playing hockey in rinks across Saint John and New Brunswick, Jeff landed a spot representing Canada at the world level for Team Atlantic in the World Under 17 Championship.

After graduating from RNS (Rothesay Netherwood School), Jeff attended George Brown College in Toronto where he graduated with honors? in Construction Management.

Jeff is thrilled to be living in his town of Rothesay New Brunswick again with his wife, Brittany. He divides his time with things he loves: Skiing at Poley Mountain, Boating on the Saint John & Kennebacasis River, Spending time on the beautiful Kingston Peninsula and playing hockey in the Saint John City Gents hockey League. Jeff believes strongly in the Saint John MLS and Rothesay MLS real estate market. He is thrilled to make Rothesay his permanent home as a Realtor? with RE/MAX Professionals. Jeff?s dedication to client relationship, team work and hard work ethic has earned him the respect of his peers and community.

DAY 3 – Sadie

Sadie – ID# 1452 – Not spayed – Female
*$90 Adoption fee covers the cost of spay/neuter

Sadie is the purr-fect kitty for your children!

Sadie was found in Rothesay on July 11th, 2013 and even though she was very young, she was very pregnant. When she arrived to the SPCA she was lucky to have been put into foster care right away.

After the kittens were born, they were quickly adopted but Sadie has yet to find a home even though she is a sweet and loving cat.?

She can be found in the girls room at the SPCA and she loves to be cuddled. Just the other day a group of young girls came in and one little girl had her cradled in her arms just like a baby. Sadie soaked in the attention but unfortunately she was not adopted.

She really would be a wonderful cat for a family with kids.

Sadie was so sweet we had to photograph her twice! I mean just look at that face!!

This playful little girl is estimated to be approximately two-years old and would like to be in a home where she can loved.

Sadie is wearing a red and green polka dot bow from RHC Pets.

Sadie has been sponsored by Sheila Henry.
She is helping Sadie find a home this Christmas.?

If you would like to have her help you find your new home, you can contact her by:

Office: 506-642-3948

Cell: 506-636-1292

Sheila's real estate career began in 1990 as a sales associate. Over the years she has earned her accreditation as a manager and taken on an additional role as educator for new sales associates. Presently she is the Vice president of the Saint John Real Estate Board, active on committees with the New Brunswick Real estate Association, and the New Brunswick Director for REIA (Real Estate Insurance Alliance), an affiliated association. I also volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society and other charitable organizations. Now I am enjoying 23 years of meeting the needs of buyers and sellers.

Time with her family, camping, and travelling with friends gives her great enjoyment. She lives in Quispamsis with her husband David and their spirited dog Sasha. They have two grown children and two wonderful grandchildren.

“My clients receive more than they expect and everything they deserve…..Your Home Is My Business”

DAY 2 – Take Two!
Tweety & Sylvester

These handsome boys have been at the shelter for a very long time. If you have ever been to the front office of the SPCA/AR, they have probably greeted you. They have always been 'ambassadors' for the shelter.

We assume that these two boys are brothers since they?are identical in look and size but they didn't arrive together. One was brought in as a kitten (this was at the old location on Taylor Avenue) and was so sick that the staff decided to bring him into the office until his health improved. He was only six months old and they decided to name him Sylvester.

Then came the second one.

Tweety came six months later and they have been inseparable ever since – therefore they would have to be adopted together. These brothers have touched the hearts of all the staff (as well as volunteers and visitors) and even though it will be very hard to let them go, the staff would prefer seeing them live in a loving home.

One particular staff member has a deep connection with these two.?Kathy Illingworth is the Fundraising Director for the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue and she has had Sylvester and Tweety in her office the moment they were brought into the old Taylor Avenue location.

They were taken off the mean streets of Main Street and into her loving care.


Tweety & Sylvester are wearing matching ties (of course) which are available at RHC Pets.

Tweety & Sylvester
have been sponsored by?
Janice Purdy & Wendell Black

This is the Take-2 team and they want you to take these two brothers home.?

They are helping Tweety & Sylvester find a home this Christmas.?

If you would like to have them help you find your new home, you can contact them by:

Janice Purdy

Cell. 506-645-1110

Wendell Black

Cell. 506-640-2683


Janice is a life long resident of the Saint John, NB area. She has knows the area and properties – whether you're looking to buy, sell, or lease. She also has many contacts to get questions or concerns resolved for her client's peace of mind.

Janice cherishes her time spent with family and friends and her many valued clients. She is also known to be an animal lover. She at one time had a lovely cat by the name of Blue and she will never be forgotten. She was a delightful companion who always
brought a smile to everyone who met her. ?

Janice works with Wendell Black and together they have formed the Take-2 team. Their combined experience and unique perspectives have enabled them to proudly be among EXIT Realty?s Top 100 agents in North America, and EXIT Realty Specialists 2012 Diamond
Award recipients.

Wendell grew up in Saint John, NB. This dog-lover has always been a team player from his Senior A hockey days to his national level karate experience, to his newest passion teaching Aikido. He?s also been very successful in his business ventures. Being self employed most of his adult life, he has fully embraced a full time career as a REALTOR?.

Wendell has many years of customer relation experience from years of working in the hospitality industry, with commercial property investments, and with apartment rentals – from managing day to day operations, to supervising major renovations, and
general contracting. He knows properties from the ground floor up and his vast knowledge is a great asset in helping you, whether you're looking to buy or sell a home, or a commercial property.

Wendell really cherishes his relationships with his family and friends and his many valued clients. He is committed to providing the same fun and enthusiasm and ensuring the highest care in assisting you in finding the perfect home, “I promise to work
in your best interest 100% of the time!”



Let Ice warm your heart this Christmas

Ice was living on the streets (most likely abandoned). It was January and he had a frost bitten toe which has now healed completely. He was lucky to have had a nice woman who allowed him in her hallway to get warm.

He was probably an indoor cat for most of his life and was barely able to survive the harsh winter conditions. He was found on Main Street and brought into the shelter on the 21st of March, 2013.

Being on the streets has made it hard for him to trust other cats (we assume he was harmed by street cats when he was on his own). Ice is loving and we estimate him to be about 7-8 years old.?

This is Ice with Barb Orr (from Dog'N'Sudz). Staff members at the SPCA/AR stated that before his grooming session, Ice was melancholy and sulked in his cage.

Since his groom he has changed and is now a total love bug. The next morning he had high spirits and was purring and loving everyone around him.?

Ice is wearing a red plaid bow tie from RHC Pets.

Ice has been sponsored by Nancy Thorne?- she is our first Realtor to the Rescue!

She is helping Ice find a home this Christmas.

If you would like to have her help you find your new home, you can contact her by:

Office: 506-633-9777

Cell: 506-640-3584

Nancy, President of Century 21 River-Valley Realty Ltd. and animal lover is a native of Saint John. Nancy entered real estate in 1977 and prior to incorporating Century 21 River-Valley Realty Ltd. in 1988, she was the Broker/Manager of Montreal Trust Real Estate.

She is committed to the associates of this firm and offers an ethical and forward thinking environment. Century 21 River-Valley Realty Ltd. has been the recipient of the Prestigious Centurion Award continuously since 1992.

At the present time, Nancy is the Past President of the Saint John Real Estate Board, a past director of the New Brunswick Real Estate Association, and past Chairman of the Century 21 Council for NB and PEI. She is also the past Chair of the Saint John Board of Trade.

Nancy is currently Co-Chair of Access Atlantica. In 2008 the Atlantic Provinces Chambers of Commerce (APCC) awarded Nancy the Harvey Webber Commemorative Award in recognition of her contribution to the Saint John Board of Trade and enhancing the Chamber of Commerce movement in her province & region.

Photography sponsored by Jennifer Irving.?

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