The New Brunswick Legislature is honoring our recent Guiness World Record for the Marigold Project!

We would like to take a break from the seasonal posts to recognize an important accomplishment for Saint John.? The Marigold Project recently set a Guinness World Record and we are proud to note that the New Brunswick Legislature is honoring this accomplishment.

The Marigold Project is entering its 17th year.? Over 3 million Marigolds have been grown and planted by the children of Greater Saint John.? In our 16th year we set a Guinness World Record for the number of people [mostly children] planting flowers at the same time; 5,677 participants, over 9,000 citizens including the volunteers.? We plant at 54 locations and our citizens and tourists love our Marigolds and are proud of our children.

The children start growing the Marigolds in March and use cross curriculum training [science, literacy, math, social studies art, music etc.] and all?styles of learning [visual, audio, hands on].? Multiple Intelligence and Differential Learning Strategies plus community involvement are used throughout this project.? Recognizing children learn in different ways is a key component to inclusion.? If we want to build a better world we must be inclusive.

The children have developed a?tremendous sense of?pride, empowerment and community.? Volunteers, teachers, municipal workers and dozens of sponsors are involved.? The planning is year long.? Our idea started here in our community and has won awards and has been copied in many places in the world.

Congratulations to Barry Ogden and all involved in The Marigold Project and this accomplishment.

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