Pristine . a big city boutique in a small city atmosphere!

Harrison and Josh welcome you to Pristine, 55 Prince Edward Street

Pristine is a locally owned and operated skateboard, accessory and urban lifestyle fashion boutique, located in Saint John, New Brunswick?s uptown district. Pristine came to life in August of 2013, and has been heavily involved in the scene ever since. The store, the idea, the vibe and development came from our love of skateboarding, fashion, music, friends and the need for Saint John to have a unique boutique style shop.

For us, Pristine is not only a word, but a lifestyle choice, which the store aims to fill with its unique, vibrant and exclusive shopping experience. From the stone planter to the floating shelves, to the exclusive brands, we give you the big city boutique experience in a small city atmosphere.

Find Pristine all over social media:
Instagram ThePristineStore
Twitter @pristinelife

Better yet, take a little walk to 55 Prince Edward Street, and check out this unique and impressive shop.
Welcome uptown, Pristine!

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