Chrysalis Wellness Centre . 89 Canterbury Street

Walk into wellness uptown.? With all of the stresses, busy lifestyles, and 'things' that weigh us down physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we all can use a little help.? Chrysalis Wellness Centre, located at 89 Canterbury Street, Third Floor, Suite 310 is here to help.? Immediately upon entering the wellness centre, a feeling of serenity and calm surrounds the warm, welcome reception of Kimberley and her lovely staff.

Chrysalis Wellness Centre offers healing for the body, mind, and soul through Naturopathic Therapies. Other services include Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Indian Head Massage and other holistic healing methods. Our truest intent is to help people experience the healing power that comes with connecting with their authentic selves.

Right away, it is apparent that your needs are genuinely the concern of the owner and staff, as well as their true intent to assist you to raise to where you are meant to be.?

Welcome uptown to Chrysalis Wellness Centre, and we urge everyone to take advantage of their new convenient location.? Feel free to call for a consultation or appointment any time.? Also, find Chrysalis Wellness Centre on Facebook.
Amanda and Kimberley welcome you to visit Chrysalis Wellness Centre, now located at 89 Canterbury Street.

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