Wine Purchases Now Support the NB SPCA

Now when you purchase a bottle of Flat Roof Manor?at your local NBLC, $.50 from each bottle sold will be going to the?New Brunswick SPCA. This promotion will be running from September 30th – October 27th, 2013.

Wine lovers, you have your choice of either the Flat Roof Manor Merlot?or the Flat Roof Manor Pinot Grigio.?
Photo by Jennifer MacLean?from Hemmings House Pictures.

SO what else is exciting about Flat Roof Manor?

Just a few weeks ago we had Export Director, Chris Edge visit Saint John. He traveled all the way from South Africa – where the winery is located!

Photo by Greg Knudson from?GK Media

At that time we were preparing for a wine tasting in support of the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue. A dedicated group of volunteers were able to donate their time and provide generous donations to this event. To learn more about Flat Roof Manor and their wines, we decided to meet with Chris at Happinez Wine Bar.

Photo by Greg Knudson from?GK Media?- Peter Smit (owner of Happinez?and wine lover), Elizabeth Rowe (owner of Urban Deli?& Italian By Night), Storm (Elizabeth's dog who was adopted from the SPCA), Fran Menton (from Harbourfront Residences at Three Sisters), Chris Edge (Export Director for Flat Roof Manor), Eric Manning (wine representative for Peter Mielzynski Agencies LTD) and Craig Pinhey (Atlantic Canada's Wine, Beer and Spirits Writer). *Not all participants of our wine tasting fundraiser were present for this photo.

This is actually the third year that Flat Roof is donating proceeds to the SPCA!

Photo by Greg Knudson from?GK Media

So why the mysterious cat on the label? We asked Chris that question and according to popular legend, the cat had stayed on the property long after the original owners had left. When visiting the winery, she can be found sunning herself on the flat roofs.

Photo by Greg Knudson from GK Media?- Chris, Fran, Coco & Eric

Why do I love Flat Roof Manor? The fact that they are willing to help with animal welfare in our province means a lot to me.

Our city is over-populated with stray and feral cats. I am currently working with Alex Scott and Jennifer MacLean to have a cat sanctuary?built. An exterior shelter for the forgotten felines in Saint John to call home.

Coco (shown in the photo above) is my adoptive cat from our local SPCA and I was her foster mom (along with her mother and four siblings) last year.?

I love to see businesses support such a great cause. Be sure to look for Flat Roof Manor in the South African section of your liquor store.

Photo by Greg Knudson from?GK Media

Kathy Illingworth is the Fundraising Director for the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue. They are always in need of your help. Call them at?506-642-0920 to learn how you can support our local shelter.

There is also Ca-r-ma, an organization run by dedicated volunteers who have help reduce the the number of feral cats we have in our city by trapping, neutering and returning cats back to their colonies. Ca-r-ma is always in need of funding and foster parents.

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