Summer In The Square

Uptown Saint John is proud to present FREE entertainment uptown during July and August.? ?Summer in the Square? will offer various local musical and theatrical performances in both King Square, and the Saint John City Market.? Bring a chair, grab a blanket.? Have a bite, share a soda.? Support our local talent and enjoy some great music and theatrics!

Performances will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon-1pm, and on Saturdays from noon-2pm.? This will continue throughout July and August.? In the event of rain, performances can be enjoyed at the Saint John City Market.

July 2????? Noon-1pm??????????????????????????????????? City Market????? Rylee Hayes and Sean
July 4????? Noon-1pm??????????????????????????????????? City Market????? Wayne Hansen
July 6????? 1pm-3pm (note time change)???? King Square??? Earthbound Trio and Weak Size Fish

July 9????? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? City Market????? Jess Derrah
July 11??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? City Market????? Jaryd Stanley
July 13??? Noon-2pm???????????????????????????????????? City Market????? Leo LaFleur

July 16??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? City Market????? Systema Players
July 18??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square??? Buskers
July 20??? Noon-2pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square??? Buskers

July 23??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? City Market????? Jason Boyle
July 25??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? City Market????? Tomato Tomato
July 27??? Noon-2pm???????????????????????????????????? City Market????? Roger Joycey

July 30??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? City Market????? Keith Facey
Aug 1????? Noon????????????????????????????????????????????? King Square??? Bandstand Opening Ceremony
Aug 3 ? ? ?Noon-2pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square??? Clinton Charlton

Aug 6????? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square???? iRock (InterActionSPA)
Aug 8????? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square???? Ben Morgan
Aug 10??? Noon-2pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square??? Chris Fudge

Aug 13??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square???? Katie Bestvater
Aug 15??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square???? Acadian Day Entertainment
Aug 17??? Noon-2pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square???? Adam Washburn

Aug 20??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square???? iAct (InterActionSPA)
Aug 22??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square???? Jinx the Cat
Aug 24??? Noon-2pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square???? Tomato Tomato

Aug 27??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square???? Mary Beth Marks
Aug 29??? Noon-1pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square???? Cancelled
Aug 31??? Noon-2pm???????????????????????????????????? King Square???? Reagan's Rayguns