Solid waste audit overview.

Today, June 19th, Fundy Region Solid Waste, in partnership with the City of Saint John, held a solid waste audit in King's Square. This comprised of gathering waste from the uptown trash containers, and within a 24 hour sample period. The goal is to measure the quantity and types of waste generated uptown, in hopes of gaining a new understanding on how we can improve our solid waste management.

Public relations and program development officer Brenda Maccallum, along with two Fundy Region Solid Waste workers, and one Uptown Saint John Representative suited up in safety gear, including glasses, and gloves this morning, before getting straight into the trash.?

The method to the auditing is to first measure each bag, noting it's size, opening it and separating the different types of waste into seven different containers, then measuring it's contents separately. This offers an excellent measurement of the accumulated waste, and what it's comprised of.

Safety and organization is key in a solid waste audit. The workers took extra care to make sure that they were well protected, and that the waste was properly handled, for both the sake of safety, and successful management. Once measured, the waste was then place in lager bags specific to their classification.

The audit was carried out successfully and responsibly, helping us learn how much, and what kinds of waste is produced uptown. This was a fantastic way to accumulate important data, and aid Fundy Regional Solid Waste and the City of Saint John to find new, more efficient ways to deal with waste.

For more information on Fundy Regional Solid Waste, visit their website?and check out their?Facebook page

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