Pickin' Through The Trash

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 19th of June, Fundy Regional Solid Waste, together with The City of Saint John will conduct a waste audit in King's Square. What does that mean? Basically, it's spreading out a day's worth of solid waste across the Square!?

Okay, maybe that still leaves you in the dark a bit as to why we'd do this. The purpose of the waste audit is to examine the amount and types of waste currently generated daily in the uptown trash containers.This is a great way to determine the quantities of waste produced by the city, determine what kind of waste is generated uptown, and assess the effectiveness of our waste management system. Waste audits do a fantastic job enhancing our city's waste management and educating people on where their garbage goes. It is important for those uptown to think about what kind of waste is being produced, how it is handled, and take it upon themselves to make sure that they differentiate their waste, and make use of the proper containers.

Although this might seem a little unsafe to some, waste audits are well planned, managed and controlled to insure that the audits take place in ventilated areas, and that the waste is safely handled using the proper protective equipment. When the audit is completed, the City of Saint John will retrieve the waste in garbage bags for proper disposal. Making the waste audit safe, smooth and effective is the highest priority.?

The City of Saint John and Fundy Regional Solid Waste are very excited for this event, and are confident that it will make a positive and lasting impression on how we deal with waste in our city. Waste audits don't happen every day, so why not take the time tomorrow morning to bear witness to this unique event??

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