In regards to Uptown Saint John Inc’s position on the Canada Day Flea Market Uptown

Uptown Saint John Inc. loves the vitality that the Canada Day activities bring to the uptown.?The market along King Street is a big part of the Canada Day festivities. We have met with the organizers of the market to encourage them to address some issues that impact the uptown and the various businesses that are paying taxes to be there. The issues that have been identified by our membership relating to the operation of the market include: cleanliness, safety, adequate washroom facilities and the type and location of vendors. Most of these concerns should be addressed through the existing permitting process that is required for any event of this magnitude. While there have not have been permit applications made in the past for this market, we feel the organizers should not continue to be excluded from this requirement as these issues will never be resolved.


Uptown Saint John has established a reputation for quality events. We feel the scope of the Canada Day market could be more in-line with the celebration of Canada Day. Canada is more multicultural than ever and Saint John is aggressively following that trend. We have suggested to the organizers that we will help to celebrate this tremendous diversity within our community and transition the market on King Street to reflect this. We will continue to work with the organizers of the Canada Day events to ensure Canada Day is the best it can be in Saint John.

Comments and/or questions can be directed to 633.9797

thank you,
Peter Asimakos
General Manager
Uptown Saint John Inc.