The Marigold Project attempting to break the Guinness World Record tomorrow!

On Thursday, June 6th at 9:30 am Saint John is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the number of people planting flowers at one time [record is in China].

The Marigold Project has been accepted to do this, and hope to attain the record with over 50 sites throughout the Greater Saint John/Fundy Region, 44 schools, 50 sites and over 200,000 people live here.?

The Marigold Project started 16 years ago and have many volunteers, Students, teachers,? municipal staff? and? sponsors.? This will be the largest flower planting at one time any where in the world!? The project has already? won awards in several countries and have planted over 3 million Marigolds in 16 years, many grown by the children in their class.

The children? practice cross curriculum training [this involves combining subjects together].? Differentiated instruction [different ways we learn] and is inclusive to all children .
For more information:?
Main Street Traffic Advisory for tomorrow

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