Anxiously awaiting a spruced up King Square

As many have noticed, our King Square Bandstand is getting some attention.? In April, Saint John Common Council passed a resolution accepting a generous gift from an anonymous donor, slated to refurbish the historic landmark.

The work will include:
???? installing new supports and flooring on the second level;
???? cleaning and restoring the copper roof;
???? installing a granite slab and rolling ladder for access to the second level;
???? painting, sandblasting and cleaning of the structure and fittings;
???? upgrading electrical, lighting and ventilation; and,
???? refurbishing the fountain.

The bandstand in King Square was donated to the citizens of Saint John by the City Cornet Band in 1908. The City Coronet Band was formed in 1847 and was one of the city's foremost marching bands. It remained in existence until 1986.

Thanks to this generous donation, and the expertise and quality efforts given to the bandstands restoration, we look forward to enjoying it in it's deserved splendor once again.