Uptown Saint John Skate Park is kickin'!!

Avid boarder and photography enthusiast, Patrick McGivery (and friends) capture some fantastic shots at our uptown skate park.? Uptown Saint John is not only walk-able and bike-able, it's prime boarding turf and the skate park, located under the overpass on Station Street, is ultimate.? Now that the snow is gone, the boarders are there from dusk to dawn perfecting their art and practicing their impressive tricks.?

Thanks Patrick for sharing your photographs.? Follow Patrick on instagram @foostamps
backside 5-0 Pat Mcgivery, shot by Erik Kaffine

50-50 to flat, Erik Kaffine

boneless, Elijah Grimes

2 wheel slide, Pat Mcgivery, shot by Elijah Grimes

boardslide, Erik Kaffine

nose pick, Danny Alcorn

backside blunt, Danny Alcorn

blunt half cab, Pat Mcgivery, shot by Erik Kaffine

kickflip, Bryan Chaston

back 180, Mark Winchester

nose stall, Erik Kaffine

bank to manny, Erik Kaffine