Where Vintage Meets Modern #SaintJohnCut4 | Photographer Mike Capson at Harbourfront Residences

Saint John Cut is now in its fourth year and it always takes a new approach (thanks to the creative Barb Crawford?- the mastermind behind all of this).?

#SaintJohnCut4?had a total of seven teams (which were picked through a draw) and three themes to work with. ?

Grit. ?Real. ?Drive.

Team #3 consisted of the following talented individuals:

Photographer – Mike Capson?from?ICS
Models – Maryanne Delany &?Jon Quinn
Make-up Artist – Laura Smith from Perfumes Plus?
Hair – Kathryn English from?Element5
Store (for clothing & shoes) – Lisa Oland from?Exchange on Germain
Assistants – Fran Menton?&?Branden?Sabean
Location:?Harbourfront Residences


Here are the photos that were taken by Mike Capson?and you can read more about the event on his blog. ?Be sure to also?check out his behind-the-scenes?post.

Where vintage meets modern

Set-up was done at one of our penthouse suites.

This dramatic photo was taken in the bar area of the library. It has a very Real look to it. ?So much can be interpreted from this photo. ?Jon is wearing a Marco shirt and Perry Ellis jeans. Maryanne has on a Jack Sheer cardigan and a black leather skirt.

The team then moved to the living room where Maryanne created the perfect pose to show-off these amazing heels! ?Shoes are by Iron Fist paired with a Zara black blazer.

The private plaza was used as the second location. ?The rustic brick background was the inspiration for the Grit theme which can slightly be seen in the photo below. ?Mike ended up working with some construction barricades which have been temporarily placed on the plaza (this space is used by owners for private outdoor functions).?Maryanne is wearing a Jane & John top with a?Vanson motorcycle jacket

To incorporate a Drive element for the next set of photos, Mike used a motorcycle which was parked within a block of the private plaza. ?Maryanne is wearing Iron fist shoes with a leather skirt and a Jane & John top. ?Jon is wearing a?Michael Kors shirt, Nigel Cabourn jacket and Perry Ellis jeans.

The 1979 Yamaha xs750 used in this photo belongs to Daniel Smith (special thanks for allowing it to be used in the following photos).

The fourth location was one of our corner suites which overlooks the water and our public plaza. ?You also get a great view of the new?Port Saint John Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal (visit this link?for the full cruise ship schedule). ?Jon is wearing a Zenga shirt with his own blazer (purchased from Exchange On Germain) and a silk pocket scarf. ?Maryanne is wearing a cream CHANEL skirt, tribal blouse & Ralph Lauren blazer with CHANEL scarf & Anne Klein heels.

Final set of photos were taken in our model suite (also known as our sunset suite) which has been decorated by Georgette Ringuette (proprietor?and design consultant of Georgette's Furniture Gallery).

All the makeup used was CHANEL.

According to make-up artist Laura Smith (from Perfume's Plus) it was the CHANEL outfit that Maryanne wore that inspired her to do a 'classic' & 'clean' makeup look which really exemplifies CHANEL.?

“I started planning looks after hearing the themes, concepts and outfits. ?I look at makeup as the finishing touch.

Once I got all the required information for the photo shoot, I then created a look that would tie it all together. ?I love collaboration so the team as a whole really provided me with the jumping off point.

I always want the models to look their best, even when doing something edgy. ?I try to find a beauty and softness and I love seeing how the photographer catches the light on a model's face. ?I'm always really mindful of how the makeup will interact with the lens and the light. ?That can make or break a photo and I want to make the photographer's job easier, not harder.”

– Laura Smith

Hair was done by two stylists from Element5.

About Jon's cut and style.

The pompadour is a style that is resurfacing in the fashion world. ?It is typically an elevated style, however I wanted to give it a modern twist while still embracing the “vintage Hollywood” look.

With the extremely short cropped sides, the elevation on top and the slight asymmetrical style, I believe I was able to capture the perfect balance between then and now.

– Kris LeBlanc

About Maryanne?s style.

Maryanne already had a beautiful vintage make-up going on when she arrived at Element5. ?I wanted to give her a sexy but sophisticated look so I chose to give her some Victory curls, keeping that Hollywood glam look.”

– Laura Clarke


Be sure to watch the Behind the Scenes video?created by Branden.

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