sevenUP . Day Three . Barb Crawford

Uptown Saint John not only has unmatched historic charm, is situated on the beautiful Bay of Fundy, and has a prime arts and culture scene; we are also home to quaint indie shoppes and a mecca of dining and social spaces. Uptown Saint John Inc. recently asked seven local bloggers to spend some time and money ($100 each) uptown and share their experiences with us.

Every day for one week, we will highlight each blogger and their ventures. We hope you find these recaps both informative and inspiring.

sevenUP . Day Three . February 27, 2013
by Barb Crawford

Just last night, Saint John celebrated our vibrant social media culture at 'The Saltys' social media awards. This fun annual event recognizes pro players in various social media venues such as twitter, facebook, etc. Our feature 'sevenUP' blogger for today, Barb Crawford, was awarded the Salty for 'Coolest Blog.' Interestingly, the 'Pay It Forward' (PIFSJ) initiative won for 'Best Use Of Social Media In A Campaign.' Today's post is a true example of the worth of both of these social media leaders. Enjoy!

(oh…and in true Barb Crawford form, there is a chance to win at the end of her blog)

Last month – Uptown Saint John approached me and 6 other bloggers to take part in a new promotion. They gave us each $100 and one rule – spend it in Uptown Saint John.

I've been inspired lately by the Pay It Forward movement. I love the idea of doing something nice for someone, just because. Since Uptown Saint John gave me some cash, why not let loose on the Uptown to spend it on my best friends?

After making a list of the people I wanted to surprise with a present and the stores I wanted to spend a few dollars in, my mission was clear. See the rest of Barb's blog HERE

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