Message from Uptown Saint John President: Our goals for 2013!

Weve charted our course!

On 14 January 2013, the Uptown Saint John Inc. Board of Directors completed a strategic planning session. We thank you for your input and feedback collected through a membership survey as it was valuable to limiting our priorities and establishing our goals.

With the help of professional facilitator Marilyn Orr, we established three priorities:

1) Population Growth
2) Business Growth and Diversity
3) Maintaining the Highest Quality Physical Environment

Why only three? Because we want to be focused and we want to do them well.

We have set SMART goals for each priority along with developing timelines, establishing resources required, and setting measurables.

By mid-February, a document will posted on our website that dives deeper into these three priorities. We encourage you to read through the document and look at where we are headed.

We are working for you and value your involvement. If you wish, we can set up a meeting with you to provide more information.

Lets Continue to Live Life Uptown!

Matt Alexander
President USJI

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