The Compilation Exhibit

Like agreatesthits collection from your favourite musician, The New Artisan Studio's latest art production promises to showcase the most substantial works from three superb Atlantic Canadian artists.

The Compilation Exhibit is set to run from 5pm to 8pm February 5th, 2013 and will continue through April 2nd, 2013. Opening night will feature a meet-the-artist opportunity, refreshments and no tax on purchases made that evening. The studio is conveniently located in uptown Saint John at 87 Germain Street and features inspiring works of art from artisans and artists in the boutique and the gallery.

Rothesay abstract and landscape painter, Tammy Cassidy delivers an eye-popping transparency in a style all her own. With acrylics and mixed media her work reflects a subject that has been inspired visually and musically through a painstakingly technically consuming process, culminating in excellence.

Via Halifax, the joyful imagery of Shelagh Duffett illuminates the spirit within. Often whimsical in nature, Duffett utilizes her experiences to create hugely popular expressions of life of which the viewer will never tire. Her style is unmistakable and invigorating.

Street photographer Jeff McLennan can often be seen around Saint John searching for opportunities to turn the mundane into something electric. His insights into subjects often overlooked command the audience's cerebral absorption. He has also taken his craft beyond the port city.

NAS has created a unique presentation of spectacular artworks highlighting their mandate of providing top quality art that is affordable for everyone.

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