Saint John's Winter Restaurant Week – February Fork Off

Make some dates, it's time to dig out of hibernation and fill our bellies with uptown delicious. Our Saint John Winter Restaurant Week will take place February 4-10.

Check out the FACEBOOK Event Page! Please join and invite your friends!

Participating Establishments will offer specials at the following price points. Please check with the specific restaurant to find out what delicious dish or dishes they are serving up. The Saint John City Market will be offering Fork Off plates at lunch for $10.

3 Course Dinner for $30
2 Course Lunch for $12
Fork Plate $10

The restaurants to BE SURE to hit during Fork Off are: (don't forget reservations are recommended)
Happinez Wine Bar
42 Princess Street

Fork Plate
A plate with charcuterie from the local NB farm La Ferme du Diamant and cheese from local artisan cheese makers Au Fond des Bois, consisting of: Saucisson sec, served with olives and pickles. A choice of one three cheeses; barbizon, tomme blanche or fourme d'ambert, served with baguettes.


Billys Seafood Company
49-51 Charlotte Street

2-Course Lunch
Course 1: French Onion Soup
Course 2: Grilled Salmon in a lime, honey, basil marinade. Salad or Fries.

3-Course Dinner
Course 1: Seafood or Clam Chowder or Side Salad
Course 2: Maple Curry Jumbo Shrimp with Linguine
Course 3: Double Chocolate Mousse


The Infusion Tearoom & Bistro
41 Charlotte Street

Fork Plate (available at lunchtime)
Maple curry chicken with coffee

Relish Gourmet Burgers
26 Germain Street
Fork Plate
“This is Sparta” Poutine, Crispy Mac & Cheese Bites, Deep Fried Dills, Drink

2-Course Lunch Plate (Includes drink)
Course 1: “Under the Tuscan Sun”/”The Greek Tycoon”/ “LA Is My Lady” – Your
choice of Beef, Turkey or Veggie Pattie

Course 2: Fries / Cool Slaw / Ceasar Salad

3-Course Dinner (Includes drink)
Course 1: Relish Greek Salad
Course 2: “Under the Tuscan Sun”/ “The Greek Tycoon”/ “LA Is My Lady” with
“This is Sparta” Poutine, Your Choice of Beef, Turkey or Veggie Pattie

Course 3: Backlava

*Gluten Free Buns also available


Church Street Steakhouse
10 Grannan Street

2-Course Lunch
Course 1: Drunken Prime Rib Soup
Course 2: Beef Sliders with Baked Beans

3-Course Dinner
Course 1: Cream Cheese Seafood Rolls with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce
Course 2: Chili Marinated 8oz New York Strip Loin with Pear Pecan Salad
Course 3: Custard Crepe topped with Cream and Chocolate


Grannans Seafood Restaurant
Market Square

2-Course Lunch
Course 1: Broccoli Salad
Course 2: Cajun Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich

3-Course Dinner
Course 1: Fennel Parmesan Salad
Course 2: Lemon Scallop and Shrimp Vermicelli
Course 3: Chocolate Fantasy Cake

Jungle Jim's
87 Prince William Street

Still to come…
Mexicali Rosas
42 Princess Street

Fork Plate
Mexis Jalapeno Poppers and Sweet Potato Planks with Chipotle Mayo

2-Course Lunch
Course 1: Mexis House Salad
Course 2: Chicken Burrito with Rice and Beans

3-Course Dinner
Course 1: Caesar Salad or Garlic Cheese Bread
Course 2: Chipotle Chicken topped with Jack Cheese on a bed of Rice
Course 3: Cheesecake with a choice of topping


Saint John Alehouse

Market Square


Fork Plate

Smoked Mackerel – Pickled Vegetables- Aioli of Mackerel – Butter Roasted Ciabatta

2-Course Lunch
Course 1: Grilled Coeur de Boeuf
Course 2: Fries – Hand Cut Fries – Umami Butter

3 Course Dinner
Course 1: Fire Grilled St Simon Oysters, Spruce, Cucumber Drawn Butter, Fire
Blistered Dulse
Course 2: Molasses Glazed Pork Belly – Celery Root – Brussels Sprouts
Course 3 Lemon Pie Citrus Curd – Stone Ground Wheat Crust – Meringue


The YORK bistro + pub
Hilton Hotel

Fork Plate
Available from 11:30am 10:0pm
Sliced Acadian Smoked Sturgeon served with Sauteed Caper Berries, Walnut Crostini and Horseradish Creme Fraiche

2-Course Lunch
Available from 11:30am 3pm
Course 1: Chicken Noodle Soup
Course 2: Vegetarian Strudel accompanied by Mixed Greens and Oven-Roasted Tomato Sauce

3-Course Dinner
Available from 6pm 10:00pm
Course 1: Winter Greens Tossed with Sauteed Bacon, Sunflower Seeds and Warm Potato Dressing
Course 2: 'Surf and Turf' 4oz Beef Tenderloin and 2 Bay of Fundy Scallops served with White Truffle Mash Potatoes, Market Vegetables and Demi Glace
Course 3:
Raspberry Cheesecake


Big Tide Brewing Company
47 Princess Street

2-Course Lunch
Course 1: (Start or Finish) Start with our Hop Garden or Caesar Salad OR Finish with our Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake or Chocolate Almond Torte
Course 2: Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf with Sundried Tomato Jus served with choice of side (*9.99)
Fresh Bakery Croissant Sandwich filled with either Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese or Ham and Swiss served with Cheese Medaglione Pasta in a Savoury Tomato Sauce (*9.99)

3-Course Dinner
Choose one appetizer and one main course, plus any of our dessert selections

Course 1: Trio of Sliders – Mini Beef with Cheddar, Turkey with Swiss and Lamb
with Jack Burgers
Smoked Salmon Bundles – Breaded Cold-Smoked Salmon Rolls
Stuffed with Dill Cream Cheese and served with Basil Yogurt Sauce

Course 2: The Plate of Meat – A Mixed Grill of a 6oz Flatiron steak, 3oz Chicken
Breast, Mini Barbecued Rib and 3 Shrimp, topped with Pesto Butter.
Served with fresh steamed veggies and choice of side (*19.99)
Double Bacon Scallops – 3 Giant Sea Scallops stuffed with Bacon and
wrapped in Proscuitto, served on a bed of “Liquid Gold” Blackberry
Ginger Balsamic Tomato Jam. Served with fresh steamed veggies
and a choice of side (*19.99)

Course 3: Choose from any of our delicious dessert selections

*a la carte price for item ordered separately


Britts pub and eatery
42 Princess Street

Fork Plate
Ginger Seared Scallops Soy Butter, Blood Orange Reduction and Toasted Black Sesame

2-Course Lunch
Course 1: Soup Grilled Asparagus and Asiago
Course 2: Crispy Pork Ciabatta Pork Belly Wrapped Loin, Apple Chutney,
Daikon Radish Sprouts, Aioli and Stout

3-Course Dinner
Course 1: Arancini Prosciutto Risotto Croquettes stuffed with Buffalo

Course 2: Braised Buffalo Poutine Buffalo Sirloin, Squeaky Cheese Curds,
Juniper Berry Infused Gravy and Fresh Shaved Horseradish

Course 3: Apple Cranberry Crumble Sweet Tamarind Sauce and French Vanilla
Ice Cream


Decimal 81
81 Princess Street

2 Course Lunch
Course 1: White Wine Steamed Mussels with Frites and Aioli
Course 2: Chocolate Crme Brulee

3 Course Dinner
Course 1: Romaine Lettuce, Danjou Pear, Danish Blue Cheese, Pecans, Honey
and Thyme Vinaigrette
Winter Vegetables, Fresh Herbs and Swiss Cheese En Croute
Course 2:
Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Prosciutto with Cheddar and Potato Rosti,
Baby Spinach and Parsnip Butter
Crisp Salmon with Buttered Potatoes, Shallots, Vegetable Julienne and
Beet Emulsion

Course 3: Lemon Sabayon Almond Tart, Cardomom and Honey
Rum Baba & Raisin English Cream


Lemongrass Thai Fare
Market Square

2 Course Lunch
Course 1: Curried Carrot Soup
Course 2: Vietnamese Style Bahn Mi Sandwich

3 Course Dinner
Course 1: Curried Carrot Soup
Course 2: Peasant Pomegranate Asian Salad
Course 3: Cilantro Chili Chicken


33 Canterbury Street

2-Course Lunch
Course 1: Thandi Sampler Platter (Curry of the day plus a Vegetable Curry, served with Basmati rice and Naan
Course 2: Dessert

3-Course Evening Dinner
Course 1: Vegetable Pakora
Course 2: Your Choice of: Peppercorn Beef Medallions – Tender beef grilled to
perfection and simmered in a mushroom peppercorn sauce. Served
with garlic mashed potato and market vegetables.

Land and Sea Thai Curry – Chicken Lamb and Shrimp, prepared in a
Thai Curry sauce served with Basmati rice and Naan Bread

Course 3: Indian Rice Pudding

East Coast Bistro
60 Prince William Street
Fork Plate:
Spinach Flatbread – Sauted Spinach and Bchamel Sauce, Fontina & Parmesan Cheese

2 Course Lunch
Course 1: Black Bean Soup – Blistered Grape Tomato Pico de Gallo, Housemade Corn Tortilla Chips
Course 2: Slow Roasted Pork Sandwich – Coca Cola BBQ Sauce, Cilantro Lime Coleslaw, Sesame Hoagie Roll

(Vegetarian Options available upon request)

3 Course Dinner
Course 1: Candied Atlantic Salmon, Citrus, Fennel, and Arugula Salad
3 Grain Salad, Roasted Eggplant, Red Onions & Red Peppers,
Arugula Pesto Vinaigrette

Course 2: New England Baked Beans, Molasses Brown Bread, Spinach & ECB
Bacon Salad with Maple Mustard Vinaigrette

Maritime Cioppino, Local Prawns, Scallops, and Mussels, Housemade
Sausage Roasted Tomato Broth Toasted Sourdough Bread

Seared Flat Iron Steak, Chili & Herb Relish, Crispy Yams
Course 3: Poached Bartlett Pear, Honey Cardamom Semifreddo, Sponge Toffee
& Candied Walnuts, Roasted White Chocolate Ganache

Milk Chocolate Cheesecake, ECB Summer Preserves Cherries,
Chocolate Tuille, Cherry Caramel


Urban Deli
68 King Street

Fork Plate
Urban Deli Imperial Rolls – House Made with Montreal Style Smoked Meat

2 Course Lunch
Course 1: Soup or Salad
Course 2: Grilled Raisin Bread Panini – challah bread / chicken / bacon /
granny smith apples/ provolone cheese / spinach / curry dijon


Italian By Night

68 King Street

Fork Plate
ANTIPASTI DI CASA – house olives/ tomato jam/ mozzarella di bufala/ prosciutto/ focaccia

3 Course Dinner
eggplant/ tomato/ zucchini/ cheese/ pesto

Course 2: RISOTTO AI FUNGI E PEPOSOarborio rice/ wild mushrooms/ beef/

Course 3: PAVLOVAeggs/ whipped cream/ seasonal fruit


Taste of Egypt
87 King Street
Fork Plate
Fasolia – A delicious tomato sauce made with kidney beans and chunks of beef, served on a bed of basmati rice and pita bread.

2-Course Lunch
Course 1: Key Of Life Lunch size – Chicken or beef shawarma (cooked on the rotisserie) encircled with hummus, served with pita bread
Course 2: Baklava – A sweet pastry made with layers of phyllo, walnut, coconut, cinnamon and topped off with pistachio

3 Course Dinner
Course 1: 1st course- Falafel Appetizer- chick peas and beans, mixed with green coriander and flavourful spices, deep fried and served with tahini.
Course 2: Mousaka- a casserole made with layers of eggplant along with onions, tomatoes and beef(it can be made without beef), baked in tomato sauce, served with basmati rice and greek pita bread.
Course 3: Baklava- A sweet pastry made with layers of phyllo, walnut, coconut, cinnamon and topped off with pistachio.

Note: The Fork Dinner can be made 100% vegetarian.


Taro Authentic Vietnamese and Thai Cuisine
165 Union Street

Fork Plate
Famous Pad Thai Chicken & Shrimps – Thai rice noodles in lime juice, tamarind and tomato sauce

Tango Mango Chicken – A delightful, harmonious blend of sweet citrus juice with a tangy mango sauce (breaded chicken), served w/ jasmine rice
Sauteed Szechuan Sauce w/Chicken – Stir-fried chicken and mix vegetables in spicy szechuan sauce, served with jasmine rice

2-Course Lunch
Course 1 – Crispy Wonton
Chicken Springrolls
Course 2 – Famous Pad Thai w/Beef – Thai rice noodles in lime juice, tamarind
and tomato sauce

Sweet and Sour Chicken – Light breaded chicken breast glazed with
sweet and sour sauce, pineapple, onion and bell peppers, served
w/jasmine rice
General Tao Chicken – Light breaded chicken breast and mix
vegetables in Chef's signature sauce served w/ jasmine rice

Ginger Broccoli w/Beef – Stir-fried with broccoli and garlic in oyster
sauce, served with jasmine rice

3-Course Dinner (6 oz Drink Included; House Red Wine OR House White Wine
Course 1 – Tom Yum W/ Shrimps
Vegetable Springrolls
Chicken Springrolls
Cold Shrimp Rolls
Course 2 – Famous Pad Thai w/Seafood – Thai rice noodles in lime juice, tamarind
and tomato sauce

Tango Mango Chicken w/Pad Thai – A delightful, harmonious blend of
sweet citrus juice with a tangy mango sauce (breaded chicken)

Char-Grilled Korean Kalbi – Short ribs & tiger shrimps marinated w/ rich
seasonings and slow cook until tender served w/ rice

Grilled Teriyaki New York Steak – House special made Japanese
Teriyaki sauce served w/ jasmine rice

Grilled Salmon w/Pad Thai – Grilled salmon top mango salsa sauce
and served w/ pad thai

Tofu & Asparagus w/Mushroom Soya Sauce – Golden tofu and
asparagus in an aromatic blend of mushroom soya sauce served w/

Course 3 – Fried Banana w/Ice Cream
Mango Creme Brulee
(Coffee or Tea included)

The Saint John City Market Food Vendors: ($10 Fork Plate Daily)

Jeremiah's Deli
Regular sandwich (baked ham, roast beef, turkey, smoked meat or chicken salad) with soup, soft drink and a cookie.

Kim's Korean Food
Daily lunch special + pop + Kimchi (Korean traditional fermented & marinated cabage)
Bibimbap + Daily soup (or Kimchi) + pop

Lord's Lobster
3 piece fish and chips with coleslaw and a soft drink

Cajun chicken sliders with choice of salad and a drink

Shawarma Hut

Monday and Wednesday – Ribeye steak wrap with fries and a soft drink

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday – Shawarma wrap (regular) with sweet treat and a soft drink

Slocum & Ferris
Maple glazed salmon fillet on a toasted wheat roll topped with wasabi mayo and a side dill slaw

Sisters Italian Foods
Seafood Linguine with Caesar Salad and Bread

Taco Pica
Beef flauta with rice and a Jarritos (soft drink)

The Wild Carrot Cafe
Monday Chicken and shrimp gumbo with side salad
Tuesday Sweet potato shepards pie with side salad
Wednesday Lobster quiche with side salad and drink
Thursday Maple chicken curry with side salad
Friday Chicken stew with side salad and drink
Saturday – Lobster quiche with side salad and drink

Java Moose
Still to come…

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