Saints, Souls and Stars Exhibit

Everything changes, like the seasons exhibits change, which is more than okay it can even be brilliant. Something will stay the same though: a New Great Exhibit and no tax for the Exhibit Opening Night!

We are going to miss our current gallery artists (and I'm certain they aren't going far), but at The New Artisan Gallery we're thrilled about the lineup for our next exhibit, Saints, Souls and Stars. It is taking place November 27th from 5pm-8pm and in addition to art, artists and camaraderie, there will be refreshments.

We have continued to add to the quality items found in our boutique – wire trees, spraypaint art, dolls, and so much more – and are so pleased with the reception we have received in the heart of the uptown Saint John scene. If you haven't had a chance to stop by our gallery, please make a point to drop in, you'll be impressed by our impressionist artists and abstracts.

We have enjoyed experiencing the wide array of emotion we have viewed with the many who have taken in our inaugural showing and our second exhibit promises to stimulate your senses with its palpable nature.

Saints, Souls and Stars Exhibit Nov.27th 2012-Jan 22nd 2013

Fabric artist Sandra Betts takes us on a journey we never expected. By thinking outside of the box to create many stunning one-of-a-kind compositions she has inspired the viewer to think similarly. Sandra's credentials as an artist are impressive and her presence means the show is a must-see.

Karen Knight's sculptures dispense a 360 degree glimpse of the conventional in a panorama that is anything but. Many will know Karen's popular Soul Impressions works and the quality of those gems will inspire you to drink of a larger vision.

Photographer Bill Lapp presents us with insights on surroundings both local and abroad. His unique eye for a shot of often familiar surroundings make you take notice. Originally from Toronto, he has made Saint John his home for thirteen years.

Artist Nina Elyse Savoie brings her rare vision to create a variety of complex works that manipulate shape and colour and challenge the mind to follow. Nina is eager to inject her vision into the art scene in Saint John via NAS.

The New Artisan Studio is located at 87 Germain Street in uptown Saint John. We are open Monday 11-4, Tuesday and Wednesday 10:30-5:30, Thursday 10:30-8pm, Friday 10:30-5:30 and Saturday 11-6pm. We can be reached at 646-0655.

The Saints, Souls and Stars exhibit opens November 27th from 5-8pm.

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