NAS Grand Gallery Opening

Two words: No tax! But we'll get to that later.

The New Artisan Studio is positively ecstatic with the Grand Opening of our gallery coming up September 25 from 5-8pm. With the storefront boutique already filled with works from so many talented artisans – have you seen the teddy bears, woodwork, jewellery, art cards, photo cards, hair accessories, paintings, coffee (yes, artisan coffee!), survival bracelets and more? – it's easy to feel good about helping the arts community here in Saint John.

The artists lined up for the Grand Opening are overflowing with talent and the show is guaranteed to make you think and stir emotion from within.

Sheila Arsenault Howell – whose works I'm able to enjoy right in front of me – has given us a selection that tackles many weighty issues of the day. Her proficiency with the manipulation of balance and composition allow her to go places many artists can't even begin to reach.

Bart Grieb comes to us from Mystic, Connecticut. His bold use of colour and geometry combine to infuse light with darkness, easily stirring the viewer in a direction they may not expect.

Saint John's Sue Mullaly skillfully applies her autogenous knowledge of chroma and conception to produce something that can be both aesthetically pleasing and affectingly evocative.

From Fredericton we've discovered an ascending intensity in Carl Bryan Parker. Masterfully able to infuse classic techniques with a new energy, he brings an unparallelled freshness that's certain to impress.

The New Artisan Studio can be found at 87 Germain Street in uptown Saint John. We are open Tuesday to Friday 10:30am to 5:30pm and Saturday and Monday from 11am to 4pm. On Grand Gallery Opening night (remember, that's from 5pm to 8pm), you will have the opportunity to meet these talented artists and we will have coffees served by John of Hampton's Beamer's Creek Coffee Roasters. Oh, did we mention that during this grand opening event there will be No Tax!

We definitely hope you will come see us on, what is certain to be, a very special night and remember, Art Starts Here.